London Mararthon

My son Bill completed the London Marathon today, and I'm feeling very proud of him. He was running to raise money for the BLF and completed the course in 4 hours 17 mins and 31 secs. He has many health problems of his own, but did the race in my honor and memory of my Dad. I wished I could have been there to cheer him on. I sat and watched the whole race programme on tv, but did not get a glimpse of him, LOL not surprising when you saw how many people were running.


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  • Hi, tell bill well done, I would be very proud as well. Lol

  • Thanks Philbal I will pass on your message. :)

  • Thanks, you both take care

  • Well done to him, and you must be so proud of him Anna too. Just shows what a wonderful Mum he has and what a great job you made of bringing him up so I think you should give yourself a pat on the back too. I hope your well


  • Thank you :) and yes I am well and happy. Had a lung function test and had no deterioration, and still got all clear from the oncologist. Just need a new set of bones without any arthritis and life would be perfect LOL :D Xxx

  • So happy to hear your free of the cancer now I have been praying for you. I know what you mean about the arthritis, its a pain. Please take lots of care. xxx

  • Well done Bill - how lovely to have done this in honour of you and in memory of your Dad. You must be very proud indeed.

    love cx

  • I certainly am. He is a lovely lad my 2nd son of four. :)

  • Hiya nin. So glad you are well and happy. Pass on to Bill my congratulations on a job well done.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Will do Bobby and thank you, really did do good did my lad. :)

  • Hi Nin,

    Well done to Bill,that takes some doing.really pleased to know your ok and happy.i hope your enjoying life in the north lol

    Take care,


  • lol yes I love living in the North. Am really enjoying this new lease in life. Being a survivor changes a lot of your mind set. And lol not so good at taking care but Az does that for me. Hope you doing ok. xx

  • Well done to him, they wear me out just watching it. Absolutely fantastic.

    Kim xxxx

  • Yes they wear me out too :)

  • Well done Bill youve made your dad very proud ....what a lovely son you are. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can give their time and effort to do something that helps others it s totally unselfish act and gives faith to the human race . Fab x

  • His Dad went with him along with two of his brothers, one cousin and eight friends, I wish I could have made it too. But he knows how proud of him I am.

  • Well done to your son, Bill , he did amazingly well and he is awesome! :)

  • Thank you huffer

  • What a lovely son! Feel proud and give him a big hug from all of us. x

  • I have been chatting on facebook with him, telling him everyones comments, unfortunately I am about 250 miles away, so my hugs are virtual ones, but he loves them just as much.

  • Hi nin nice to see you. Good news about your cancer. Miss you. x

  • Miss you all too. Xxx thanks, it is good to get my check ups, and then the all clear. Az feeds me well, and I pop the tamoxifen, so I reckon I will beat the 50/50 odds Xxxx

  • Well done to your Bill and in a good time, I too would be so proud if it were my son.

  • Thank you Susie, feels good to tell everyone about him, he is my inspiration, he has overcome so many problems with his health, and just deals with the rest that cannot be overcome. Then to do such a good thing, makes me want to brag a bit I suppose.

  • so sorry only just read your post tell him WELL DONE!!! I was at the marathon as my 22 yr old Grandson Billy and my son in law were running and although I could only go to the end I did see them both at 25miles. What an emotional day my Billy was very close to tears and when he crossed the line finally broke down. what a fantastic thing to have achieved and every one who did for whatever charity deserves more than 1 medal. So yes I do understand your pride as it should be as I know Im the Proudest Nan on the planet.

  • Thanks Nannypat, I will pass on your message and Well Done to your Grandson and Son-in-Law too. :)

  • Well done its fantastic when people do this to raise funds for charity

  • Yes and there were so many runners, so many really good people. :)

  • Lovely to hear from you Anna, well done to your son, makes me more breathless just thinking about a marathon! Fantastic news on your oncology and so glad to hear you are so happy. :-) Libby xxxx

  • Hi Libby :) Thank you, and yes it was brilliant news last oncology visit, just need to hear the same news for the next 9 visits and I'll be celebrating :) Hope you are keeping OK and it is lovely to hear from you too. Xxx

  • Hi Nin. It's people like your son who helps keep the funding up for BLF and that helps all of us. Many thanks to Bill for that and to you for having such a great son.


  • Thank you Sara, :)

  • Good inspirational, positive stuff, well done

  • :) My lad is definitely my inspiration, as he copes with and overcomes so many medical conditions, and is always smiling and happy.

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