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Was told last week l may have Copd, which did not mean much to me but then the word Emphysema was mentioned and l had to ask the dr if it was the same thing, he replied "Yes", since having had a bad cold then bronchitis just after christmas l have been on 3 lots of Antibiotics, 1 course of steriods and chest xray which was clear then spirometry, dr has put me on Tiotropium inhaler. Have smoked for over 40 years but now am in process of quitting(down to 4 a day) will be a non-smoker by end of this week,not been easy by any means but l don't have to remind myself that l'd like to live a bit longer. Would love to hear of others experiences as l don't really know much about this disease.

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First, sorry you got the diagnosis. Second, many congratulations on the ciggie reduction and stop smoking plan, which is vitally important. There are many personal experiences on here. Dip in and read, use the search box for particular items and come back and ask specific questions as you learn more. Welcome to the site. :)

Hello sue930. Welcome to the forum. :)

What level were you told you were at ?

Welcome to the site .

Sounds like a very similar experience to myself. Persistent cough and many chest infections for about 2 years. Didn't visit doctor as wanted to avoid the smoking lectures ! Finally went in October as I was by then wheezing , spluttering and only sleeping in 20 minute bursts.

Spirometry tests showed fev1 lung fuction 55% and diagnosed with copd . Given spiriva ( tiotoprium ) inhaler and strongly advised to stop this is the only way to halt/really slow down copd. Apparently the decline can be rapid if you continue to smoke.

I stopped smokig in November with the aid of champix . Amazingly the cough disappeared within 3 days (this doesn't happen with everyone as often the lungs can take some time to clear )

I'm 63 and had smoked for 48 years . Quitting isn't easy ( otherwise we would have all stopped years ago )

However it isn't just as hard as I thought and losing the cough is a big incentive to stay off the cigarettes.

Exercise and a good diet are also important. In spite of the copd I now feel fitter and healthier ( big touch of wood ) than I have for years .

Good luck with your quit. Stay in touch as you will get lots of support on here. You won't be judged as most are either smokers or ex - smokers .

Cheers Coastal.

now you need to do some sort of exercise up to the level you are capable ie, walking etc. and you will begin to feel better and better. My situation is pretty close to yours, smoked for 45 years quit about 4 years ago, got on diet and exercise program and now feel better then I did 20 years a go.

I do recommend tvernstrom's advice on exercises. have you contacted the pulmonary nurse. Have yourself referred through your GP. The pulmonary nurse is a mine of information on exercises (can refer you to Pulmonary Rehabilitation, which is a set of advice and exercises given by nurses and physiotherapists). Moving is the stuff of life!

Welcome to the community sue930, nice to meet you.

The BLF web site has a wealth of information on COPD, if you click on the red balloon, you'll find the address.

Basically there are 4 stages; mild, moderate, severe and very severe. But no matter what stage you are at, as long as you give up the cigs, which you are doing, so well done you, eat a good balanced diet, exercise, and last but not least, keep a positive frame of mind, you'll hold back this condition for quite a while.

As a former smoker, I appreciate the efforts it takes to stop smoking, and to stay stopped. The cravings still crop up from time to time now, but I find that taking a sip of water, as big a breath as I can, that in less than a minute the craving disappears. You'll find your own technique to do this, and I can only offer my support in your endeavours :) x

Welcome Sue, There are many on here who can give you the benefit of their experience. Good luck. Alison

Welcome to the site.

Give up them fags! I stopped 1992 and my GP has now said he classes me as a non smoker now. As you will see on this site there are many people have this and still have a life do not let it rule you but work with it. The internet is a great place for info but sometimes it comes up with a little gem that will make your legs wobble. Most of the time it does not affect you in any way, but pop a question/post on here and there will be someone going though the same thing and can advise how best to handle it.

Be Well

I was diagnosed about 10 years ago.I did,nt stop smoking until I had to phone an ambulance as I could,nt breath.In hospital I was told I had pneumonia.I did,nt smoke after that,it was so scary not being able to breath.Stopping smoking is probably the best thing one can do to halt the decline with copd.Good diet and plenty exercise are also important.I found the friendliness on this site a great help,lots of other peoples experiences make it all seem not such a lonely disease.Keep your chin up and stick with us we,ll always listen and try and help,good luck.D.

Many Thanks to all of you. It's now (still very early days) 10 days and no cigs, yes l have been tempted so many times but have not succumbed.Have a range of things l use to get over the cravings, depends on what l am doing at the time. Have always walked quite a bit as have 2 dogs,although my hubby walks them l do go with him and as my fave hobby is wildlife photography l do get out and about at least 3 times a week for about an hour each time. Have started a few exercises at home too but mostly because l'm eating more and being a chocoholic its way too tempting to eat the wrong thing just for an extra 'feel good' hit.Glad the weather is getting warmer, think it's time to get the bikes out of the shed. l have no idea what level l'm at with regards copd, the Dr said nothing about levels but l think it must be 'mild'

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