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Good morning, I don't know what to do anymore.!!!! Feel like giving up. Specialist says 1 thing and the doc says another!!!

I got diagnosed with mild emphysema and bronchiectasis last year, but the doc says its asthma. Lately I've been waking up in the morning and my throat is full of mucus. I've been to the doc and he prescribed a nasal spray which you use once a day . Also I've been diagnosed with a cold so been put on antibiotics. He said to me about only one of my lungs working, I said yes I know but my specialist has dismissed this, although it was on my chest xray I had done over a year ago. What do I do next ?????? Change my doc or my specialist.????

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Next thing to do is ring the BLF helpline on Monday. Speak to an expert for advice on how to move forward for consistant care. Sounds as though you need to change something but best to speak to an impartial specialist. I hear they are very helpful indeed.

Ring 03000 030 555 on after 10am on Monday. Good luck

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Very good advice Peeg and I can't add to this. The only thing I will say is that you must have a infection as they don't give you antibiotics just for a cold. Good luck with it all


I agree with above please ring the helpline xxx


I agree as well. I find that the resp nurse at my GP surgery knows more about it than either of the Drs I have seen so far, she's very knowledgeable and always gives good advice. It was the same at My previous surgery as well


Both. It would be a good idea to do what peeg suggests.You are entitled to a second opinion with a specialist. You could also write a letter of complaint to your gp's practice manager. Doesn't it just make you sick when people are treated as you have been. Good luck. xxx


Been there, my GP based my lung condition on an xray in 2010 which showed I had pneumonia! Which they told me at the time was a mild infection. They insisted for 2 years my breathing was my heart condition and did not agree with my cardiologist who insisted that he was concerned with my breathing which he could not connect to my heart condition completely. Now a Lung consultant has confirmed I do have RLD and a few other things with a lung function upright of 57% and a further 12.5% drop when flat.


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