Am on 24/7 oxygen after pneumonia 9 times in 10 yrs. Get the sense that prognosis is not good. Has anyone been on oxygen for 5 or 10+ yrs?

My arterial blood gas levels have been v low during the day & even lower at night. I've felt much better since having the oxygen but wonder how long it's possible to go on? (I've had pneumonia so often because I aspirate food & liquid from time to time as a result of having ms with swallowing problems.)

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Yes I have been on oxygen for eight years, couldn't continue without it , I have about 27% lung function.


I have used also used oxygen for a number of years and have had nothing but benefits from it. :)

Ivy & Toci I am sure your replies have helped Graciegirl, they actually helped me too. I am not on oxygen yet, but will be one day I know. Its reassuring to know that one can be years on oxygen ( I had not known that before)

I wish you all well and hope you all have many many years yet

Love Sohara

Oh dear gracigirl. What an awfull time you have had. This is an awfull illness you have my heart and prayers go out to you. On bad days you feel you cant go on dont you ,then little. Bit better and you feel bit stronger. . I have had respiratory probs for 66 years and it certainly takes its toll on you Do you have good family we live in staffordshire. And have good facilities for resp patients. . Any way take care and i send my love to you. Sue. X

How are you feeling today gracigirl. ? Just thinking about you. X

Thank you all for your encouraging words - v much appreciated. I'm going through a rough patch at the moment - am scared that I'm getting pneumonia yet again. It's so good to know there is a community of people who understand. My warmest good wishes to everyone. xxxx

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