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Hi all, I had a phone call from my GP this morning ( not the bad one ), he said he had been doing some investigating and looking through my notes he noted that during November last year I was suffering from headaches for about 10 days, and in November blood tests had been taken ( before the headaches started).

Now these blood tests showed that my cholesterol level was slightly high, blood tests in February showed slightly high levels of cholesterol to, so breaking this down he found that my bad cholesterol could be affecting my COPD, this would also coincide with severe shortness of breath that I have reported (hence new inhaler).

I now need a blood fast test, but if this is still high for cholesterol levels then it is connected and will need teating in a new way.

This made me look around and I found this interesting, there is a type of cholesterol that can cause inflamation in the lungs and airways :-

and this :-

Seems to be a good few articles about this but it's the first time any medical proffesional has said anything about it to me

Have others been told this or treated for this ?

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  • No Peter my cholesterol was 5.3 last check not on pills but was told to try and bring it down with diet. Keep me informed please.

  • Mine was only 5.6 but on break down GP said this bad cholesterol is there hence wanting this fasting blood test. Will keep you informed

  • Interesting, I shall look forward to reading that in the morning.

    I have hereditary high cholesterol (8.3 when I first asked for a test 5 years ago). I already have an excellent fat & sugar free diet, am not overweight so will be on statins for life.

  • ive been on attorvistatin for 15 years don't need to watch what I eat as the statin takes care of the high cholesterol iam under 4 which is excellent

  • How interesting, I have high cholesterol , will mention to GP at next vist. Thanks

  • What I think they need to look for is raised levels of 25-HC & 27-HC as it would appear these are the causes of inflammation in airways & lungs

  • Thanks Peter, really interesting. Next time I go to the nurse I will go armed with your facts.

  • Thank you for those links PeterK1, the facts in them are very interesting in respect of inflammation. I agree with you maybe they should be checking the levels of 25-HC & 27-HC in people with inflammation of the airways or other systemic inflammatory diseases. It also appears that in a small number of people it is interconnected with hardening of the arteries which is another illness that progresses faster in smokers according to research. The subject is vast once you start delving more deeply and many illnesses are inter related as are the symptoms.

  • Thanks Katie this thread gets more informative as it grows. More facts to ask. I am wondering if my being a premature 7 month baby weighing only 2 3/4 lbs also has a bearing on my lung problems.

  • Suzy6 being premature at that weight could have a bearing on later lung conditions, as premature babies have underdeveloped lungs at birth. My experience of this is my daughter was born at 30 weeks, with a heart defect common in premature babies and she now has asthma or airway problems as we know it. She was slightly lighter than you in weight. Hope you find this interesting.

  • Thanks katie very interesting. Never really given it much thought till recently. I haven't had any real problems until a couple of years ago. Hope it doesn't trouble your daughter too much?

  • I was 3.5 before statins and I am still 3.5 on statins which they put me on last century. I have suffered headaches since I can remember?

  • my cholesterol was border line they told me to eat more healthy at that time I was swimming 3 times a week and eating salads only because I have pins and needles in my fingers and it makes preparing and cooking veg dangerous so I buy the pre pack stuff

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