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Seen stitch post and good comments and yep that reminded me

Well seen my doc today had this hole lung sepsis thing out with him.

To be fair was very understanding not like is little one a be a seen last time.

Surpose thats why he's not a GP anyway yep seen him and asked what all this lung sepsis is about .

Told him am not happy as that Sher can kill ya.

He agreed it dose and told me she should not of used that as its grim.. she should of said Bronchitiasas as thay are one and the same and just sounds better.

Told him about feeling like sher and he asked me anout infections told him .. since last time i seen him a need 3 courses of antibiotics and striods that nearly drown me.

And told him about my GP not giving me antibiotics again when i had a virus.... as my GP said thay would not help .. but its good job i had supply as thay did help thus my GP was wrong.

Anyway my lung doc said that he will be writing again streesing even when my chest sounds clear and he thinks i have virus he is to and must give me antibiotics.

Ad like to think my condition is getting better but i still get breathless even when doing nothing and hyperventilate thats with out going up stairs.

But like he says its my condition and that is not going to inprove or change ... Its good job a dont belive in miracals but a do fairys .. strange.

O ye anyway told him about feeling cold and why when i do my lung clearance excersice my arms body go's cold .. Ad like to think its to do with over doing it but no i dont break out in a sweat and is during my excersise.

Ad like to think its becouse its cold and cant afford to heat my home but nor i have lots on to compensate.

Told him about my blood pressure being high low up the wall ... and he said if its going up and down its not to bad as its when it go's up and down and stays there thay will have to do somthing.

Also the going to keep the eye on me and my infection tate as he said am going to have to go on antibiotics all the time.

Is conculsion was that i lnow my lungs are bad to put it mildly and recomend i keep doing what am doing and if a feel breathless or hyperventalate and its not a infection try and rest and have a nap.

Its just this cold business a was reading vitamin B deficiency can cause limbs body to go cold if its not your heart.

But i dont know if lung conditions can do it .. was talking to fellow suffer and we think your lungs can as its all this skin needing oxygen and my hyperventalating lung defency

Anyway cheers and yep thats one all be watching ... will have to get some more B's as run out

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Sounds a little more positive Daz. Bronch is not a nice thing to have but at least you now know what you have got. Good luck from someone who also believes in fairies. ;)


Hi toci cheers .. cant beat good fairy to cheer you up :)

Yer av been just same bit older bit wiser .. no point getting streesed Just have to make the best of it.

Its not all bad as a tend to forget stuff Think half of that might be convenience thing :)

Anyway hope yous all good cheers all the best :)

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I have bronchiectasis and take antibiotics but am currently in hospital for IIV antibiotics! You just have to learn to pace yourself. Have you been to PR or seen a physio to be shown how to control your breathing? It might help.



Thanks for sharing that Dazz. And glad you got some satisfaction and agreement. It's hard when you know something is wrong and no one is listening. We COPDers are often scared and confused, and worse, at odds with our docs about our infections, etc. Some docs seem to palm us off as I know to my cost. You take care. Sara x

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Hi Daz, When I was diagnosed with under active thyroid the only symptom I had was being cold all the time. \never went for a check as I had no idea that it was a symptom. Next blood test I had the screen flashed red to say my thyroid was not working properly so I was given meds for it. I know you don't want anything else to cope with but perhaps ask for it to be checked on your next blood test. Popplewell

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Hiya dazisnotsogood that sounded like a good appointment eh you sound better for it :) Onwards and upwards my friend.Good to hear you in a more positive light. :) Janexx

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That's great you had a good meeting with the consultant Daz and he listened to you and explained things better. I am so pleased you are being heard now and the consultant has instructed your GP about the antibiotics and more close monitoring of your condition.

Keep looking after yourself Daz

Best wishes BC

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Hi Daz it's really good that you have a proper diagnosis after all this time, also as Judith mentioned and if you haven't all ready then ask for pulmonary rehab, I'm waiting for my appointment to come through for this and people on here have recommended it. It sounds like it could be very beneficial for us bronch sufferers! Take care. Kissi xx


Hi Daz, At last, someone prepared to listen and explain a little. That should not be too much to ask for. At least now you know the gp will have to give you medication you need when you need it. Good luck. I'm still waiting for some kind of definitive answer. Have prof meeting arranged, been waiting since Oct but now have been booked in for ovarian cyst removal plus both ovaries. It means I can't have lung tests until minimum of 6 weeks after. Having probs moving 1 or other. I just want definitive assessment so treatment can happen. Well done to you. Take care. Alison


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