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I love Harold!

All the children were sat at the start of the lesson. The new teacher stood up and thought she would try out her new psychology course, on the kids.

Ok, I would like anyone that thinks they are stupid to stand up.

There was total silence and no one moved.

Suddenly a chair slide on the floor, and Harold stood up

The teacher looked at him and asked, "Harold do you think you are stupid"

Harold looked around the class, and then replied, "No miss but I can't bare to see you stood there on your own"

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That is so cute! Nice sting. Love it!


Bless :)


bless his cotton socks Nannyb xx


I like that.

So true of kids to come out with an innocent funny.



lol 'out of the mouth of babes' ha,ha thank you


Oh I wish I could've said this to my father who tried for years to convince me I was an idiot! I think he said it to himself too!

Long live Harold!


Oh helingmic I'm sure your not stupid, amazing how people that we care for can sometimes be so cruel.! June xx


I know about people! That's why I keep myself to myself!!!

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just fatastic what a clever kid hes def far from stupid


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