Seen consultant today

Seen consultant today

Still not sure whats wrong ...but got to have CT scan ...xray showed as normal .....breathing tests normal .....had bloods taken and got to stop all inhalers as doesnt think any asthma still on antibiotics and steroids for another week so if ill when finish got to ring to see him......he doesnt think my heart is problem but ct will see all. He mentioned bronchiactisis or chronic bronchitis but need scan to see.......back in march to see him for results ......he is referring me to the pulumonary rehab ??? Thoughts please as im still confused xx judith

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  • Hi judith, not good you have to wait till March for your scan results. Things must be looking flush in your NHS area for you to be referred for PR before diagnosis. Click on the link below for some PR information videos:

    also if interested, just type pulmonary rehabilitation into the search box top right hand side (in the green band) for more discussions about PR (pulmonary rehabilitation.)

    Best wishes BC

  • Thank you i will do x i know i think i was expecting to know he dismissed the blood test bnp gp had done so whats point in doing them??? Bit more waiting yes

  • Keep fingers crossed for good results, many different blood analysis tests, no doubt the specialist doc wants something more tested based on the results of other blood tests.

  • Well he didnt dismiss the link between my rheumatoid arthritis and my lung probs as the four years prior i had elevated alt ...whuch medics just asked how much alcohol did i drink rheumatologist told me that the high alt was inflammatory driven ... im a mystery heehee just want to know what im dealing with so can prepare . Its not really good to be off work for three or four months each winter . Thanks judith x

  • That is good, there is too much evidence to indicate ~RA affects the the entire body including the lungs, do hope the inflammation can be controlled for you. Look after yourself and hope you are feeling better soon.

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