Shortness of breath video

this is for those who find themselves short of breath and think they will not be able to breathe.I had this sort of feeling and it was scary and horrible.

1. reassurance: You will not die! although the feeling might be like it, your body will stop the problem and restore your breathing. so Stop whatever you are doing and watch this video:

The second video is when you have run into acute shortness of breath and find you have somehow lost control of your breathing. This is an excellent video to recover your breath fairly fast.

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  • Here is another video to strengthen the respiratory muscles. Lovely exercises:

  • Here is a video by the same institute to manage climbing stairs.

  • And... to finish us off!!! the famous sitting and standing exercise!

    Thank you for watching!

  • Thank you for those videos really helpful and informative.

  • great videos can you get too sob was an interesting talk from members

  • I'll have a look, thank you.I'm glad you put this reference, that's why we are all here to help each other.

    There you are. I've just read the posts. I think one can push oneself, knowing that you can use the technique to recover your shortness of breath, even if it is acute.

    Enjoy exercise every day!

  • Thanks for the videos Helingmic.

    By the way a month or so ago you suggested I read a book I have forgotten the title but I took on board what you were trying to say about poverty etc.

    Hope you are well.


  • Thanks for the videos Helingmic, great stuff, have saved the complete page to file for future reference.

  • Well done! I have bookmarked and saved the link on a Word document which I can look at any time.I also have tried to do those. If only I'd known how to do the sit and stand during the PR!

  • Great videos - where did you find them ?

  • I look at themes that look interesting on YouTube. They have a good selection ...COPD ...Exercise...healing,...

  • Just been diagnosed with IPF. Asked consultant about lung exercises. She was dismissive & totally disinterested. Then you bring me this. Hurray there is something I can do to mitigate the effects of this scary condition. Feeling much more positive... bless you. (my husband thinks the presenter was a bit of alright too.... lolol)


  • Ping, my consultant rolled his eyes when I was very ill and told him I would join the gym. 6 months later, he said:"I think I saved your life"! Yes, he found the right drug. But what you do for yourself will give you self confidence! BTW you don't have to build the consultant's self confidence! :-)

  • I have a paralyzed diaphragm ;) but great videos

  • How come? This must make breathing so difficult. Have you got a good nurse to advise you?

  • Swimming a no no and doing my shoes and socks has to be done in stages as I stop breathing when I bend over. It has took me 2 years to get a lung function test! A long story.

  • offcut, I know the bending down. but the exercises got me to the point when I can sit down and do my shoes now. so there's hope! Mic

  • Brilliant helingmic - many thanks :)

  • Thank you for video's very helpful indeed! saved them on you tube, and she is a bit of alright as well.

  • Thanks VERY much for posting those Video links. I was diagnosed with COPD some two years ago; four years after finally succeeding in kicking the smoking habit into touch. My condition is slowly getting worse and I find myself getting breathless very often each day. Any help or advice which eases the difficulties I experience, is gratefully received.

    These videos certainly fit the bill in that respect.

    Once again - thanks.

  • exsmoker1, So lovely to hear that you have given up! Keep it up and perhaps get referred to Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The nurses and physiotherapist there would assess you (and others in the group). They will advise you. They know about drugs, what to do to get over fear of shortness of breath, They usually have six sessions during which you learn about lungs, its problems, its managing. The exercises done are really helpful. YOu would find yourself on the way to less dificult breathing.

  • Good helpful videos helingmic. These sorts of exercises can also be learnt on a pulmonary rehabilitation course. I think these types of exercises are also good for those who have anxiety and panic attacks which can sometimes go with shortness of breath.

  • Thank you Helingmic for the video's. They will be very useful for me and I have saved them so that I can practice them. :)

  • Excellent - this is the best information I've seen - thank you!!


  • You are always a great mine of information,bless you.Great videos,will help a lot of people I'm

  • :-) Wendells, I keep copying the same references! They are good indeed.

    I've used them to. Mic

  • it's alright for her she's well, she's not got a blocked nose and coughing!!!

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