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Yippee I'm so blessed

I was told yesterday that I now have emphysema blowing holes in the top of my lungs? That is on top of the asbestosis I have bricking up the bottom of my lungs? Was just thinking if they met up would they counteract each other?? Its ironic because five years ago I was still running around on a rugby pitch and even now with all this lung damage my lung capacity is still over 115% which is a lot more than the average person?? Confused dot com??..... Luckily I'm one of those people who has a very positive and satirical look on life which keeps me going. Just felt I needed to share my good news with someone? (it's been a breath of fresh air getting it out of my system?)

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Hi plumbob glad your doing ok and continue to :)

Great news ... Must be all that runing round giving scar tissue what for.

Yer my doc changed my diagnosis a suppose in case a drop dead .. its amazing how thay

can at a drop of the hat

Glad your doing well cheers all the best


Cheers Daz


Congratulations Plumbob in getting the breath of fresh air :)

There is just no accounting for how we are affected and how some measurements are excellent and yet CT scan shows to the contrary. But I think attitude goes a long way to feeling good too and I am grateful for all the things I can still do and tend to work around the things I don't do as well now.

Have an easy breathing day.

Best wishes BC


Cheers BC, and as you said a positive mental attitude can go a long way into helping you get through things..... If your heads down you won't see the bus coming??


I have many a happy moments with my head down, in a book, in the garden, avoiding pot holes in the road when driving down a country road, but definitely would not advise it when crossing a busy traffic road on foot. Chin up lad ;)


Good you're keeping positive.


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