Poorly Lottie Dog

Usually it is Lottie supporting me when I am poorly with lots of loving cuddles, and lately bless her she has been doing just that because her mummy hasn't been so great. This morning thought great, blue skies Lottie and I can go for a gentle stroll down the local park now the river has finally gone down.. Sadly it was not to be Lottie my beautiful girl is under the weather. Hubby picked her up this morning to put her on the bed for her morning cuddle with her mummy, and she screamed out. Thought oh dear, she has a poorly neck again, a couple of hours later, aware that Lottie was feeling a tad sore picked her up to put her on the floor, because I didn't want her diving off the bed. Lottie screamed again, and didn't want to walk, so it has been a dash to the vets where they diagnosed what I thought, disk problems, a common problem in dachshunds. So Lottie is now on strict bed rest, no walking other than 5 minutes 3 times a day, no jumping, no sofa surfing, no steps. Her exam showed some problems with her reflexes in her back legs, so whilst I am going to miss her daily walks it is for the best. With strict bed rest she will recover, but it will always remain a problem that I need to be aware of. So please send her your healing hugs, as you guys who read my blogs about Lottie and know how much she means to me know how close we are.

Lots of Love Daxiemad

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Dear Daxiemad,

So sorry to hear you have been unwell and now dear Lottie is poorly.

I am wishing you both lots of feeling better days.

Sending special healing your way dear lottie.

Luv n Hugs Bc xox

Thank you Blakey C, thinking of buying my girl a stroller do she won't be confined in doors too much.

Oh that would be a fine thing for lottie on occasion :), as long as the ride isn't too bumpy for her back. Although I am sure Lottie would soon let you know if it was. I have seen many an invalid dog in a stroller, bless.

Well I have pressed the click and buy button, and it will only be used around town and down the local park. I cannot carry her, sets me breathing issues off. I still get the pleasure of having Lottie for company on our strolls, and Lottie gets to still enjoy a social life. My little girl is flat out in her bed right now, think the pain relief injection has knocked her out.

Good Job :) How is Lottie doing today?

Lots of healing hugs wending their way through .... whatever this is travelling through! I hope Lottie feels better very soon. x

Oh poor Lottie I am sure with your love and care and lots of rest she will soon be enjoying her walkies again.

Sending lots of healing {{{{{hugs}}}}}

polly xx

Lots and lots of healing hugs to Lottie and you too Daxi. She is such a little trouper and will be well again soon I am sure. Bless her! It is such a shame that so many lovely dogs have their health woes just like so many lovely humans I suppose. Take care and love to all. xxxxxxxx

Aww! Poor little thing. The trouble is they can't tell you. Hope she's better soon. X

Hello, I hope your dog is better soon interesting read, I have a lovely tiny tiny shitsu/ bichon who is 7 and a friend of mine has 4 Daxies, I hugged her one called Coco and I love her she is so lovely, so tomorrow me and my daughter are going to see one that has just had 5 pups and needs a home.. Can't wait but I spotted your comment about starting off your cough when you hug her, can you tell me if they set off coughs or anything? My little chap does not malt and I have never had a problem, he is curly haired like a poodle, any replies would be great, Many Thanks Sue

Good thing you got Lottie to the vets when you did and hope she'll soon be feeling the benifit of extra rest. A friend of mine has a miniture dachshund who's an older dog but keeping fairly well. When 'mum' walks for any distance Daisy sits inside the shopping trolly for short bursts - one of the sturdy 4 wheelers - and watches the world go by.

Healing thoughts for Lottie x

so sorry about Lottie, i hhave two daxies, on the First of last year he had 5 and a half hour op, we thought we were going to lose him, but no he pulled through and is nearly back to normal, slightly weak back leg but he is ok.

I hope Lottie improves soon.

love Jan xx

Really feel for you and Lottie, always bad when dogs are unwell cos they can't tell you what's wrong, internet hugs for both of you!

Hope you both feel better soon.....

Hi Daxiemad, so sorry to hear about Lottie, poor wee soul. I cannot take our border collie out anymore either. She runs about the garden though watching what's going on with the neighbours lol. Take care both of you and lots of hugs. Cheryl

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