Candles and copd?

I went to my nephews 21st last night and had a few glasses of champagne and feeling a bit rough now. I finished the anti and steroids on Friday but I feel so shattered and my chest is tight. There were lots of lovely candles in the room and I started coughing badly it was so embarrassing, people started to move them from me and open the doors for air I started coughing more! My poor sister blew them all out together and that was it I had to get outside quickly and take my ventolin. I don't get why sometimes I walk out in the freezing cold and I struggle and other times I don't. I think some people struggle to understand copd I know I do!! Sometimes when I come back indoors I struggled too. Never did I think I'd worry when candles or sparkles were lite for a party! I think the heating had been on for a while too as soon as I walked in I could feel how stuffy it was I needed a window open everyone else kept there coats on and I was fine, weird! I'm going to attempt a easy Sunday roast later. Hate copd everyone around you worries and I feel I put a damper on a nice party and I'm no where as bad as some of the people here. I'll stop moaning now lol I think this is the realisation of having copd.

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Jeannaanne: I tend not to go out in the evening but my bet, you want to attend functions as I did when I was younger. Us older ones tend to have daytime activities BUT when I was younger I would want to enjoy myself at any evening function. Difficult to know what to say to you. I do feel that people around you understand more than you think. They want to help when you rather sort yourself out. I would like to say that the best thing would be to avoid evening functions BUT again, not what you want to hear. I hope that someone else will come up with more practical advice. xx

Hi pergola you're probably right about people understanding more than I realise. Think I might have to start doing that maybe I should of wrapped up and watched the birthday candles from outside. Xx

I manage one or two candles, Jeannaanne, but I can no longer tolerate having a lot of them burning at the same time, which I used to do. Too many bodies in a room also affects me as it feels so airless. I hope you managed to enjoy the gathering though.

This means the world to me to have people who understand how candles and a room full of people can be scary! I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me. Hopefully when I'm fully over this chest infection it'll improve xxxx

It's a shame Jeannanne, I'm afraid this is what it's like when you're not well. You'll also feel exhausted after a little jaunt like that too & take even longer to recover.

You will learn how to pace yourself & how to say no sometime & explain to folks why you cant join in 'on this occasion'.

You'll need to stay in, stay calm, keep warm, do some deep diaphragm breathing (I'm doing this plus some huffing at the end of breathing out to get the residual mucus up).It's blooming boring.

This infection I've nurtured myself, done allof the above, drunk more than normal (ie not enough), taken my Carbocisteine plus blue puffer 4 times a day....... miracle of miracles I'm on the mend - YAHOO!!

I was in the same position as you 9-12 months ago and learnt here on this site from these lovely people how toimprove my lot xxx P

I'm the same as pergola, winter time I don't go out in the evenings or if the weather is cold and damp. Summer time its easier. The sort of environment with poor air quality is not helpful to lungs, one or two candles are ok in a large room but only if they are exceptional quality (don't smoke) and are unscented. Can't do scented candles at all or any that smoke. Its no wonder your lungs let you know things were not lung friendly and blowing the many candles out all at the same time would have added to the give me air feeling. Hence the reason outside air even though cooler was a darn site better than unmoving, uncirculating warm air with plentiful candles burning.

I am glad you were able to go to the 21st, just a pity about the candles and air quality in the room.

Go careful cooking the roast dinner, (don't let it smoke etc) I don't use a standard oven now, I have a remoska for cooking a roast and a number of other meals, also a combi microwave, I only use the oven part of the microwave for heating up meals or pies or baking scones etc. All the messy cooking I do in the remoska or the slow cooker. That way I can help keep the air good for breathing. :) The remoska is also economical and cleaner to run.

Here is about the remoska:

Enjoy your roast joint, the best dinner on a Sunday, (the remoska can't do a roast as good as conventional oven, but it can do roast potatoes, carrotts, parsnip, lamp or pork chops a poussin chicken, or chicken breast, leg etc well :)

Thanks so much for your reply :-) I was starting to think it was just me! I'm learning a lot about copd. I have good quailty ones at home that I treated myself to but haven't lite them for a while as I've been unwell and not in the mood. As for the oven YOU are right!!!! I stopped using the top small oven because it's not fan assisted and the smoke that comes from it is awful and makes my chest tight. Then I have to open the doors and windows to clear it and in turn I catch a chill. I have to keep our dogs downstairs now because I really struggle if they're up in my bedroom. I said to my hubby this morning that I felt like everyone was sucking all my oxygen out of the room last night, they're are laughing having fun and my chest is getting tighter by the min. I'll look at that oven sounds great. Thanks again. X

Used your link but apparently Lakeland are sold out of this cooker, just thought I'd let you know, guess they will have more in at a later date

Lakeland no longer sell this and Amazon don't have any. There has been some sort of merger I think and, hopefully, a newer version will be available later this year.

Not sure what is going on, you could try contacting Remoska direct to ask what the situation is - their website :

Good luck if you go for one.

A Baby Remoska catering for the smaller portions I consider a comfortable repast marvelous suggestion.

Scented candles are the worst kind I cannot be in the same house as them. A window seat with fresh air funny how our bodies find what we need isn't it. Sit comfortably and keep partying.


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