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spending me money

to day me and the missis went out shopping I have gone and got a new phone a Samsung s3 the man at car phone werehouse recons my old nokia flip is antique . ha ha we also went to maplins and got some remote control plug sockets so we can turn my oxygen concentrater on or off from any where in the house . we live in three storey town house it works ok . then we had to come home because my home team southend united were playing millwall and it gets rather noisey and some times we get a bit of bother . at the moment we are 3 ..1 . happy days keep on breathing

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O no ! I've just ordered the samsung S4. Now you tell me it will be out of date soon. I thought it sounded a good deal, now I know why.Still it's another toy I can play with.


I always have nokia phone they are so simple to work lol


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