I've been on antibiotics/ steriods for 2 days not feeling any better!

I think I've pulled a muscle or strained when coughing. I've tried a stream inhaler cup today don't think it's helped but my chest and cough don't seem to be improving, should I wait another day or two before going back? Had a really bad night not a lot of sleep. I woke at one point choking on mucus that I couldn't cough up add to jump out of bed open the window and take my venolin 5 times, the rest of the night was mostly sat in bed coughing myself back to sleep. The steam cup has helped my runny nose. Sorry to moan just a bit scary!

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  • Give the tabs a bit longer I think, im having muscular problems with my chest as well, been the hospital today, been given codeine tablets for the pain. Its one thing after another isnt it. X

  • Hi mcnally yeah I think so, I've taken 2 paracetamol! It sure feels that way sometimes my family are really starting to worry as I have one chest infection after the other. I try to keep smiling x

  • The doc told me to take ibuprofen with the paracetamol when I was at the hospital today seems to be helping

  • I can't take ibuprofen as I have asthma x

  • Hello, your not moaning just worried. I would go back get their opinion. I have had a cold but getting worried myself as it has now developed into an awful cough. Slept last night but doubt if I will tonight as I'm just coughing all the time. Not on AB's yet but I feel i will need them. Look after yourself take care.

  • Hi Suzy6 thanks! That's how I started and when it developed into a ci the cold became worse too haven't sneezing fits that come and go. Oh bless you I know how that feels coughing and not sleeping. You take care too x

  • My doc gives me codeine linctus medicine to ease the cough, you can only get it on prescription x

  • I can't take codeine I had a bad reaction to it. Hope it helps you though x

  • Oh dear, thats too bad, hope it eases soon xx

  • Thanks here's to a good nights sleep :-)

  • Hi jeannaanne, I hope you had a better night

    Can I suggest that you phone your gp's surgery today and explain your symptoms, especially as the weekend is coming up.

    Best wishes

  • Hi I did sleep well eventually, the coughs not quiet as bad when sitting but as soon as I start to get up and move it gets bad again, I think I've strained some muscles. thanks knitter x

  • I hope you are feeling a little better today - it is so frightening. My husband has similar things happen when he gets colds or infections. Very scary. We were told by the doc to go back if no better by day 4 of antibiotics. As it is Friday if you are not feeling any better please ring your doctor or the blf helpline. I have found that a teaspoon of manuka honey in hot water as much as you want did seem to help last time . Take good care and wishing you the very speediest recovery TAD xx

  • Thank you Tad It is scary I'll go back Monday I think if the coughs not gone I don't want to waste dr time as he'll/ she will only tell me to give it another few days x

  • it takes about 4 -5 days for them to start working ive had to use them twice in last month both times it has taken 4 days ask your doc for oramorph as this can help wiyh the cough

  • What does oramorph do?

  • I got the flu before Christmas I had the first lot of steroids and antibiotics but I ended up going back for more hope your feeling better soon.

  • Thanks x

  • Hope you're feeling a bit better today Jeannanne. Sounds as though you might have pleurisy, feels much like pulled muscle or cracked ribs. If not better you really must go back to the doc. Do you have a spacer? Some of us spray up to 10 squirts of Ventolin into the spacer and it helps - trouble is it's a bit like having 2 coffees :( vicious circle.

    I'm sneezing & coughing too, got a virus I think on top of the infection I already had.

    I have asthma too and it sounds to me as though that's the cough.

    GP can tell with stethoscope if you have pleurisy, I get it a lot.

  • Sneezing and runny nose has now slowed right down just tight chest and cough but feel so tired. Too much ventolin gives me the shakes! Lol but I'll be using more if needed didn't realise I could use that much. Thanks peeg

  • Hi jeananne! I find that to go to sleep, I took a syrup with codeine (Covonia Night time). that's to sleep.

    /coughing is, of course, a sign of mucus. Have you tried gentle clapping at the back of your chest? You can do an Active Cycle of Breathing Technique, but gently, if not you will hurt your muscle even more.here is a link with an explanation of it all:


    Here is a YouTube video to show you how to do it (Please do it gently):

    Have you asked your GP to refer you to a consultant; and a pulmonary nurse team. The nurse can refer you to a physiotherapist who can assist you in doing this kind of thing. They can make a care plan and review it too

    For pain, as you say you cannot use Ibuprofen, talk to your GP for an alternative (Paracetamol? Codeine?). Heat or cold pads can help to relieve the pain too. Most of all, stay calm and try to breathe calmly. If you cough try to cough it up by huffing, and try to only cough gently without exacerbating it. Hope this will help you with feeling better and manage your cough.

  • Here is a video that Sohara published earlier

  • Thank you for the breathing tech I tried it straight away! :-) no one has mention any of those things at the dr I'll see if I see the nice nurse and I might be brave enough to ask her

  • I think nurses are far nearer the patients. They seem to understand much more how we suffer. They have also their ears to the ground and know which services they can refer you too. Being women (I tread carefully here :-) ) they are more sensitive and will mother us spontaneously!

  • oramorph is prescribed to suppress the cough if the likes of co codamol is not working

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