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would like to donate these items

Sadly my father passed away recently and our family would like to donate his dual motor bed and dual motor reclining chair to a person in the north herts area. Both are in excellent condition and it would give us comfort to be of help. We also have other useful items that we would also be happy to donate i.e.: wheelchair, commode, nebuliser and zimmer frame.

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That's very good of you jaclou, you could always try Age UK also to recycle some of the items, BLF helpline may be able to advise on the contacts for the nearest Breathe Easy Groups in your area who will be able to advise members of the items you have available.

Thank you for thinking of us all here.

So sorry for your loss.

Best wishes to you and your family.

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Hi Blakeyc thanks so much for your reply. Thats a good idea i will try that. The bed and chair were such lifelines for my dad. Thanks for your kind words xx

So sorry to hear about your father, how kind of you to think of others at this sad time.

I donated a mobility scooter to Age Concern last year thinking they would find someone who was in need of it, instead it was put onto Ebay as a nearly new item (it was 3 years old) with a price higher than I had originally paid for it.

Why not get in touch with your dads respiratory team or you local Breathe Easy like Blakey C suggested you can get details from BLF.

polly xx

Hi Pollyjj thanks for your reply, i will definitely be following Blakey c' advice as i want to make sure that it goes to someone who needs and cannot perhaps afford the equipment. Thanks for your kind words.xx

Sorry to hear of your loss, that's so good of you to donate these very useful items. I am sure your local Age UK or breathe easy group could find a recipient who will appreciate your generous offer.

Thanks Katie for taking time to reply and your kind words xxx

What a nice thought jaclou! Sorry to hear of your Dads passing though,take care,xxxx

Bless you for your kind words xxx

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