Tests at last and told something I did not know?

Got a phone call New years Eve to see if I could see the lung consultant on the 02 Jan so went down and saw a very pleasant lady. Who went though all the usual questions and talked though my medical history. 2008 severe lung infection long term ICU, 2010 pneumonia? I queried this as I was told by my doctor the xray was okay and I had a chest infection? She went to the xray and notes and confirmed I had pneumonia? I do not understand how that was not passed on to me.

I now have a date of the 27th Feb for detailed Lung Function Test, Blood o2 test and Overnight Oximetry Test. Not sure why they wanted my collar size? The good news is it seems clear today but still struggling to do anything at pace.

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  • Sounds as though they are on the ball now though Offcut. Good luck for 27th Feb.

  • That's great they got back to you! At least you will know exactly what's going on after those results come in.Dissapointing you weren't told of the pneumonia,but never mind,they seem on the ball now.Good luck with it all xx

  • Thanks both. just nice to know that at last things are moving forward

  • Good luck on the 27th Feb offcut and wishing you all the best. xxxx

  • It must be a great relief to know that they are doing everything now to look after you. I hope all goes well on 27th, do let us know how you get on

  • The might have taken your collar size to see if there is a chance of sleep apnoea.

    They done that with me and then overnight stay in sleep clinic to confirm or rule out sleep apnoea.

    I have asthma bronchiectasis and scarred lung but they say bronchiectasis was probably caused by untreated pneumonia, but it took them 15 years to tell me about it.

    Hope they get to the bottom of it and you get the treatment you need,


  • Overnight Oximetry Test is for sleep apnoea I wake in the night gasping for breath.

  • That's true, and when I asked them about that they said that they had to check to see if the back of my throat was collapsing as that would restrict airflow and make me even more breathless.

    I was not aware of waking up only of waking up gasping and tiered.

    Funny old world.


  • When I was having heart EP they put me on Oxygen as soon as I went flat because my levels dropped so much. It was them that told me to get it checked out as they were not happy to go to the next stage (pacemaker) until it was sorted. I have not had an unbroken sleep at night since 2008 but my docs would not look any further until late last year.

  • I Just find doctors very contradictive and side swerving.

    When you ask for a straight answer they go into what I think must be a pre prescribed speal which usually goes right over my head and tells me little or nothing.

    My own GP takes time to go into things in more depth but really doesn't say anything that I don`t already know and just refuses to go any further generally saying "well that's for the specialists I am only a GP.

    I guess that`s fair comment from him.

    I wish you all the best and I hope that things get sorted out for you.

    Take care.


  • Hope this leads to a full diagnosis and appropriate treatment offcut and that you are feeling better very soon. Libby x

  • Hi offcuts given your history am surprised she asked for your collar size as that jugular thing lung diease

    Am surprised she did not just ask if you had heart problems .. Sounds like you might have to fill gaps in

    Anyway its good there joining all the dots

    Cheers all the best :)

  • I think its terrible how often doctors don't pass on important information to the patient, especially when you have to go home and live with that illness or the after-effects, how do they expect you to cope if you don't know what you're dealing with ? ,!!!

    Still, glad to hear things are looking up now and the ball is rolling. Good luck for 27th Feb.

  • That part upset me too. I know that they did not even mention it! Given that 2 years earlier they told my wife twice I was not going to survive the night because of my lung infection.

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