British Lung Foundation

Year of changes

2013 has been a year of changes for this site, we have sadly lost many of our old friends and there again we have also gained many new ones.

I feel blessed to be a member of a site where there is so much compassion, advice and understanding, where anyone can ask a question and have a multitude of caring helpful people reply within minutes. May it long continue.

New is the year

New are the hopes

New are the spirits

and, New are my warm wishes for you

Have a Happy and Healthy 2014

polly xx

3 Replies

Thanks Polly same to you. Yes this site has helped me through a difficult year.


Hear hear Polly :) have a great 2014. xx P


Here here Polly! Totally agree.

Loved your New Year message!

All good wishes to you & family for 20014

Love Wendells xxx


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