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Are you worried Kingofthecocktails, RE 'weekend of the two Forests' :) . So far so good!

Just returned from watching Hereford United winning 1-0 against Forest Green in freezing temperatures. The car was well frozen when we returned to it after the match and my snood was pulled right up over my nose pre-warming the icy air before it hit my lungs.

I'm sure my respiratory nurse would give me a bit of a lecture if she saw me out in such conditions but I seem to be stronger now and I am able to stand the cold air much better than 12 months ago.

Anyway if your reading this King its the second part of the 'weekend of the two forests' tomorrow with Nottingham Forest playing the mighty Leeds so I wish you good luck, you may need it :)


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Wonderful a win for United!


It was a good win Tomcat and much needed. I noticed the new BT cameras were there so some were able to watch in the comfort of their own homes. Still there were 1,800 fans who braved the cold and made themselves heard for most of the match which made for a great atmosphere.

I hope the TV money will help their financial problems a little.


Hi Tony. Glad you enjoyed the match. A little of what you fancy does you good so they say.


It always helps when your side wins and I'm now hoping for Kingofthecocktails v Dall05 or Nottingham Forest v Leeds utd to be the same result later today. Come on the LEEDS!!

I'm being greedy now but why not eh'

Tony x


Hi Tony, I might do Leeds on my fixed odds coupon if you think they will win, Might cheer me up a bit. MC


good for you. perhaps you have to buy a new snood ... the size of your car! Happy new year 2014!


A hole body snood would have been quite useful at the match. I'm going again on New Years Day when Hereford utd take on the Mighty Kidderminster Harriers so maybe I should get my wife Knitting now. :)


Don't outpace yourself. Your jumper might be too long! happy match !


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