~~~The bestest present~~ADVENT 20~~KOTC

.................ADVENT 20

A little boy thanks his grandfather for the harmonica he gave him for Christmas.

''It's the bestest present I ever got !'' says the little boy, ''It's already earned me £100,''

''You must of learned to play it really well,'' says his grandfather.

I haven't learned to play it all,'' replies the little boy.

''Mummy gives me five pounds not to play it during the day

and Daddy gives me ten not to play it at night......''



Here comes Santa Claus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



How do snowmen travel around?

By ice-icle



Peace on earth will come to stay,when we live Christmas ever day


3 Replies

  • just finished the Christmas cards, well needed several naps, so it took all day. I needed the laugh and you delivered - Dozy x

  • Great as usual King! How true,the last one,if only....

    Have a wonderful Christmas,with your lovely wife xxxx

  • I had to make do with a poor boys harmonica...a comb and bog paper. Tried it with a hair brush but that didn't work too well.

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