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Hi everyone

i have been waiting over a week for one of my inhalers (salmeterol) to come in at the chemist which i am lucky enough to have situated in my doctors new surgery.

The pharmacist said i was welcome to take my prescription and "shop around!" as she put it but i dont want to have to drive around looking for my medication.

I have just had a phone call to say its now in and ready to collect and they are doubling up on my prescription in future so it doesnt happen again.

Has any one else had problems getting inhalers?


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Hi Sambob. I had trouble getting my Spiriva (Tiotropium) refills recently. The chemist eventually gave me two packs with inhalers in.



I always put my 'repeat' prescription in when I start my last box of meds. That way there is time for the pharmacy to get my drugs if there is a shortage. I put my Xmas/New year list in last Thurs and picked up Tues.

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In the early days yes on each of the inhalers , there next day,

I am now on 28 day cycle , the chemist orders on my behalf and I collect every 28 days,

No need for me to order!


Always have three or four weeks supply in the cupboard.....


I have to order my medication about ten days in advance, so I have enough. The chemist works in tandem with the surgery. I phone the chemist for a repeat prescription, they go to the surgery to collect the prescription and deliver it. They say they need 72 hours to do this. they also deliver to my house. See if there's a similar system in place.. I am cautious about weekend, Bank holidays, Christmas (ho,ho,ho, chemist might be closed!) and the new year. The chemist usually has emergency pills in store to tie you up for the next few days until a new prescription comes. Once all this is in place, it should work out fairly well.


Hi Sambob, Yes I had a problem at the beginning. Apparently due to cost £70 per inhaler, but, now get my next 60 blister pack when I am half way through the one I am using. I explained that I felt so panicky if I did not have at least the 30 day supply in the house. Also they will give me the prescription early if I am going on holiday. I think if you explain about that you feel so much more confident if you have sufficient meds to hand they will be more understanding. KatieJJ


I have never had problems getting my inhalers but I did have problem getting one of my blood pressure drugs the manufacturer could not make it fast enough. I'm lucky my GP's are open 7 days a week and Christmas day they are a walk in clinic,


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