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cataract op

a couple of monthsago I posted that iwas due to have my cataract op on Dec 11 and many of you were kind enough to give me encouraging advice well I had my op on Wednesday at the day surgery unit of our local community hospital was there for 8am gad obs done very pleased that my oxygen sats were 98%1 and bp 130 /76 had all the drops in went into theatre 930 out by 945 and home by 1015!! can honestly say I have had far worseexperiences at the dentist the staff were fantastic really put us all at ease, now its just a matter of taking things easy for awhile and doing thedrops as prescribed my brain is getting used to looking at the world more clearly the colours I saw were fantastic realy quite soothing glad I had it done

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That must make such a difference for you. I'm glad it all worked out.

Really pleased to hear all went well for you goldcrest.

love cx

I found the same as you, goldcrest. Cataracts were a breeze. I still have to wear glasses, but everything is so much more clearly defined.

A great Christmas present, gold crest!

Hello Goldcrest such good news for you and sounds that everything went really smoothly brilliant.Enjoy your new found sight back again,really happy for you. :) Janexx

so pleased for you

Well done Goldcrest. I had mine done earlier in the year and it made a huge difference to me. I saw my wife clearly for the first time in years so she has got to go. lol

Bobby xx

Well done Goldcrest, what a Christmas Present Berwick xxx

Thats good news,so pleased all went well,now you'll be able to see Santa coming down the chimney! xxx

that's great, I must admit its not something I want done, once I found out you had to be awake for that operation, I thought, no won't be able to do that.

glad your vision is much improved.

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Well done goldcrest,, I had my left eye done three years ago, it makes a big difference.

Hope it goes ok.

Well done.I have two cataracts


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