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Like realy acid reflux or is it airway reflux yep and chronic dysfunctional breathing or chronic hyperventilation syndrone

Like realy acid reflux or is it airway reflux yep and chronic dysfunctional breathing or chronic hyperventilation syndrone

Well its been a time of late with this intermitant dysfunctional breathing ..

Most things i have tried from karma to exercise .. My docs dont seem to have a clue so that leaves me in a state of limbo.

But yep i have put that on back burner for now as i was reading about ACID REFLUX or Airway reflux what ever the currant term is.

As not to bore anyone there is doc in New York Jamie Koufman MD in New York regarding the use of high Alkaline water (8.8PH or higher)

Can help with symtoms of ACID REFLUX or Airway reflux by lowering your PH now me and gordan had talked about lung inflamation and iron and PH and concluded it was a complex mater but of importance in regard lung disease.

Now those living in UK are very lucky as our tap water as a PH of 6.5 / 9.5

Am not saying its a miracle but is said to aid in fight against acid reflux lung disease thay say a glass of uk tap water befour and after a meal will do you more good than harm.

I have done my bit .. Bringing you this information now its up to you to check with your water athourty to see what ph your water is and if needs be have water athourty by means of your MP look into this ..

After all did not have problem with fluoride in uk tap water... as that could be causing your gerd acid reflux

As far as my chronic dysfunctional breathing or chronic hyperventilation syndrone i will have to carry on looking for the answers

Cheers all the best

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Thanks Daz, for sharing this information. I haven't appreciated that water differs so much. No wonder people comment on its taste.

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Hi pergola1 a was of same thinking so thought i would share my findings

Cheers all the best

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Hi daz, if you think you may have hyperventilation syndrome,have you looked at the buteyko breathing site, and there is another one which is extremely large called normal breathing. Good luck

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Hi knitter yep had much about then got distracted but ye excersice could cause it bad posture blood gas .. So give up in the end BUT my Gp as sent me to physiotherapy over me back and bad posture.

And thats a hole other story but yep see how that go's

To be honest a could probaly do with a good kicking .. And did read physiotherapist are mean

All the best to you Daz xxxx

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Cheers tadaw :)

Thanks for the info Daz and will be trying a drink before and after food (water of course) and will advise Pete to do the same. Keep fighting on Daz and good luck to you. Wishing you well. xxxx

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Hi sassy59 yep there is heated debate in halls of our corrupt government.

About this fluoride in water .. a india study as linked fluoride in drinking water to Airway flux and Acic reflux or gerd as known in uk.

And also breathing problems breathlessness.

Thats why a say we need to raise issue with are MPs as why should the water athourty be immune from its public resposabilty to its customers.

There are serious liability issues need addressing as could fluoride be making people ill and contributing to ill health.

Take care Daz and stay strong. xxxxxxx

You always manage to provide us with useful information dazisnotgood.... I would like to see your name change to dazisgood lol.... hope you ok x

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Hi heatherS cheers to kind .. Yes am as well as expected been quite lucky av not been at docs since i coughed up them load of asbestos fibers

Hope youdoing well cheers al the best

I know this sounds wrong, but I wished you would cough up some more then they wouldn't be in your lungs and you could take it to GP and shove it up their nose lol..... I have had to resort to a wheelchair for getting out and about at the moment due to this PoTS condition as I spend more time crouched then upright, and I have seen the respiratory nurse who has given me my rescue pack of Antibiotics and Steroids.... only took em a year to see me for this haha.... quick ay?.....

Is to quick .. Hope you have tow bar dont think al be far behind you.

Wishing you all the best n happy xmas

lol daz.... I can't get meself around never mind a tow.... Had some more abnormal blood tests come bak today, potassium n liver function , they might have to recheck me for addisons... Also possibly MRI scan for arthritis on my bak just incase it's not causing prolapsed discs pressing on spinal chord.... Saw your other post briefly... Did u make the doc eat wot u coffed up then lol?

Hi heatherS nar did not but had it out with doc ... Said there being unresable not looking at stuff am coughing up told him like am going to lie told him a want camera down my lungs and want a no what is going on .. he said no so that was that anyway did a letter to coranor just in case spelling out my shocking treatment with few choice words .. Anyway enough about me and more abiut ya blood test AM not 100% but i think its your PH levels are mad hi ... I know if the mad high thay release loads of toxins into your blood streem cause havoc .. iwould think docs will give you somthing BUT you could do with drinking tap water with PH of 8.5 befour after meals WELL thats if your tap water is above 8.5 as it dilutes toxins from a high PH ....

I will have to try n get it tested.... I am hoping doc is gonna phone bak today as I gave her sum homework last nite lol.... Her brother does synachten tests to diagnose Addison's disease n I said that my last test was a load of rubbish as I was on oral oestrogen and that would increase my cortisol binging globules and you could more than halve my results making me positive for diagnosing addisons, also said y not give me try on steroid treatment to see if lots of symptoms go away.... They r rubbish so I know how u must feel...

Hi am of feeling its ph but know what the saying about striods .. Have thay told you your glands been destroyed .. coz would need to manage that and infectios causing more havoc ..

Not yet Daz, that's wot the synachten test was for to find out

A think the chewing the grits .. thay need to get finger out a defo think its ya ph

Hope it al go's well have to let me know

Cheers all the best

Some nice information


Hi cheers KOTC :)

Daz..........what`s happened to you........your picture looks like swamp thing...too much water me thinks.



Hi tomc

Yer cheers thought a change would do me good .. In stead of pulling my pants up i can tighten my bolts up :))

Cheers hope all good with you :)


So long as the bolts ain`t on your pants! otherwise it could get messy.

Have a great Christmas and New Year Daz,


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Cheers thanks :)

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