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looking after yourself

I know we are all diffant with our lungs but have read with this copd that if you start to have a cold you should get to the doctors straight away for tablets and i have had 2 colds (runny nose.sneezing.sniffing) has you know when you have a cold but not felt that bad and with in a day or 2 this has gone (thank goodness) and have not botherd going to my gp has my doctor wont give me emergeny tablets he says i dont need them yet even though i have moderate copd.

so what i am trying to find out and can only think that is it mostly just persons with more severe copd that need tablets (antibiotics) if they have a cold or infection because where i am being told to look after myself with this.

I thought if you have copd then a cold can lead to infection that could lead to other things where you could end up in hospital and lose some lung funtion.

So is not best to deal with this and to keep out of hospitals

I know i should not think this and would never knock the NHS sevice but i sometimes wonder and feel that because i was an x smoker my doctor thinks... well not sure what he thinks but again he would not send me on a pr course has said im not ill enough has it was a BLF member of staff who i met at a local breath easy group got me onto a pr course and the nurse told me at the course that they prefere to get people with copd in early so they can monitor and educate them more.

moan over i will just plod on

keep warm everyone....music

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Hi Music, It sounds as though your doctor needs to be kicked into 21st century.

Can you see another doctor in the practice who's more in touch? Younger ones are often more in touch and less jaded.

Yes, you're right, you'd think they'd be keen tokeep people out of A&E wouldn't you. I think I'm mild though my asthma gets worse every winter and I have a rescue pack of Azithromycin & Prednisalone. (Mind you, I've also got a little stash of Clarithromycin from over being over prescribed, they're good for another couple of years). I would certainly never accept Amoxicillin ever again after the past few years of it not working. You learn to be assertive dont you.

All you can do Music, the minute you think something's moving to your chest is to go straight to the doctors to get your chest listened to. Keep your immune systemas strong as possible with extra vits, selenium if you're allowed.

I do have a Covonia Throat Spray from the chemists which has antiseptic in it. First sign of sore throat I give it a spray to kill the bugs before they travel down to airways. 9 times out of 10 it works ( I'm praying at the moment as had a raging sore throat in the early hours.

Perhaps invest in a good modern thermometer - I think I must take that bit of advice myself!

All the best to you .................... I'm very glad you got to go on a PR course via Breathe Easy. xx P

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thanks peeg i did wonder if and when i get a little wheezy chesty thats when i know i will be getting an infection then go to the docs has they can hear that


Morning Music - our doctors were much the same. When I mentioned PR my husband was told he was too well to go on the course! Eventually I found the specialist respiratory team and the PR course saved his life. I think because this is a chronic condition then there is a bit of complacency with some doctors. I had to ask for emergency antibiotics and steroids which my husband does use now - there seems to be a fine line with him when to go for the antibiotics. I personally feel that if he had used antibiotics more frequently rather than "soldiering" on he may not have progressed to severe. Keep an eye on it and if you have any doubts don't wait - get to the doctors. If you have any doubt at the weekend take the tablets don't wait until Monday.

I agree with Peeg and will be getting the throat spray - we all have a sore throat today! Good idea about the thermometer too.

Keep well TAD xxx


yes, throat spray is a very good investment. I get the Corvonia because it's one of the very few that contain the antiseptic as well as analgesic. About £5 but last a very long time. xxx

Yu're right about the 'soldiering on' too. Ridiculous when you look back. I'm now convinced that I had pneumonia and several bouts of chronic bronchitis without going to doc before getting seriously poorly. Grrrr, ah well, at least now I'm looking after myself and hpe everyone else is too :)


Hi for me I only start my standby anti-bios when there is a change in my sputum colour.This is what my respiratory nurse told me aswell as my consultant,GP and PR team.There are many other symptoms but the key one is the sputum changes.


personally I am moderate and have not had a chest infection for over 3 years, yes I get colds but they are just colds. I don't have any antibiotics in doors but I do have steroids in case, I was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago when it was mild.


hi riverbank glad you have had no chest infections has i have only had one and that was not that bad and went after a few days do you think that you maybe should have stayed at mild stage longer before going to moderate mind you we are all diferant with this copd .. good luck

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I have azithromycin on repeat prescription so I carry a pack everywhere with me.

I don't have COPD but I get recurrent lung infections


Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted but the pneumo and flu jabs did wonders for me. I'm moderate COPD but healthy. I also didn't know that I was hypothyroid and now take Levothyroxine so this could have improved my immune system. I took at least 2 courses of anti bios a year because I had frequent chest infections, but since the jabs have not had any for 2 years. Anti bio resistance worried me and I think its best to avoid them if possible. Because you could be in a situation where you really need them to work.


thanks for this info lilliput


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