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Being put on a nebuliser any advice would be good pls :-)

Anyone else use nebs? I'm moderate to server copd , emphseyma, chronic asthma and have alpha 1 zz but have good sats 95/96 fev is 42% prodicted . Finally getting over a infection which Ive had for a month 3 different lots of anti bs later and a over night stay in hospital on oxygen and gona start a ween off 40mg of steroids on friday

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My husband started with his nebuliser after a hospital admission about four years ago - he suffers with severe COPD with an fev of 27%. He tends to use the neb during an infection and when he is getting over it. Occasionally he uses it in between times. He uses it with salbutamol and can make all the difference to his breathing and I believe has actually kept him out of hospital on a number of occasions. If you need any practical advise please ring the BLF helpline (click on the red balloon). Take good care, TAD xx


Thank you x


I was given a nebulizer when in hospital, where everyone used one for salbutamol. I had to bring it home for colimycin inhalation for three months. But I've never used it since, just keep it in case. Just make sure you keep a good supply of nebs in.


I use a nebuliser several times a day for salbutamol and twice a day for colomycin, I have bronchiectasis.



I honestly had 1000's they fab :-D. I have severe unstable asthma. Only thing is careful with dizziness after a few, if I have more than 6 in a day I get quite wobbly and unsteady


They are a great machine, and deliver the medicine where it is needed. Treat it gently, don't hurry or breathe too deeply, normal gentle breaths at a normal speed. I have found that just the saline solution helps to free up the muck in my lungs. The temptation is to take too much medicine too fast, which can have strange side effects.


Thank u for advice


Dear nik37 I am similar to yourself in terms of condition. I have been on a nebuliser am and pm for over 10 years.

I have only been admitted to hospital once in that time. so in a way it has been good. If I become ill i can treat myself by increasing the number of nebules each day and using my steriod and antibiotic emergency pack.

there are some down sides if you use it all the time.

1. You become dependent on it and you have to do it at a set time of day. what I mean is that you could be out for the day and you find the nearer you get to the time that you would normally do your nebuliser the more breathless you become.

2. you need mains electricity. you can buy small portable machines that you take out for the day but they are expensive.

3. you must keep the mouthpiece and drug container clean or you can introduce mould into your lungs.

4. If you take it permanently like me you will never be able to get off it.

That is enough of the down sides. I really believe I would not survive very long with out my nebulisers. I take a portable one to work with me if i am unsure how my lungs are. I also take one on holidays abroad.

good luck with it. talk it all through with the professionals and make sure they show you how to use it correctly.

best wishes Irene


hi also have alpha 1 to how long have u had it I also have been given inhalers blue and brown I also carry the faulty gene for alpha 1 any advice only diagnosed 2yrs ago thank u


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