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Hello Friends,

Firstly may I apologize to Toci and KOTC for not answering their messages.

Since the 19th November I was taken to my local hospital by ambulance and I have just came home tonight.

I did have a bad bout of pneumonia ,the first 7 days on i.v drip of antibodies did not work, the second week was a far stronger antibodies.

The first night the Nurse Practitioner had 3 stabs to get the i.v. in followed by another 2 before she went off shift. She unfortunately failed, however the good news is I now have a Picc Lines fitted and it works well. It will be tested tomorrow as I have to go and get my antibodies,

My ward had 6 beds and during my stay there were 3 deaths just in my room and more along the ward. It is sad however it it the type of ward that these things happen. I was the youngest at 62 and the oldest was 93.

I cannot praise the nursing staff and Consultants enough. Thank you ward 19.

At the moment I am pretty weak still and I think that I will take an extended Christmas break to build my energy up.

I will continue to poke my nose in every now and again.

Take Care

Love, hugs and best wishes to all my friends.

Berwick xxxxxxxxx

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Good your back take care. love Dorothy xxxx

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Thank you Dorothy xxx

A very warm welcome back Berwick :)

You have been missed!

So sorry to hear about your hospitalisation but very glad you've been so well well looked after.

Take it easy won't you xx

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Thank you peeg, I have not intentions of doing anything else this one has floored me. Thanks for the wishes. Berwick xxx

Sorry to hear you've been so poorly, but it's good to know you're back home. Wishing you a speedy recovery. x

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Thank you Initial. This one has floored me , but I am like a bad egg and I will keep on bouncing back. XX

Gad to hear you are back.

Yes take things very easy and take as long as it takes.

Have a nice Christmas.


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thank you Tom

So pleased, Berwick that you are back with us. You have been missed .love pergola

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Pergola, thank you so much. This one has been my worst so far, dont worry I will be back after the holidays. Love Berwick

I was so worried about you berwick. Nice that you are back at home. Keep looking in for some humour and a chat with your friends here when you can Most of all take it easy and take care.

Richard (KOTC)


Thank KOTC. Really wacked out this time. I will catch you up dont worry . Cheers Berwick

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Take care and get plenty of rest good to see you back xx

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Very pleased to hear you are back. You were missed. Take care and keep warm x

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Sorry to hear you've been so poorly, you're one tough cookie Berwick, take care of yourself now. xx

Hi fibberti, this is the first time that I have have the PICC Line it is great and going to stay. If I knew which bug causes the pneumonia I would have made a fortune by know. Sorry There are so many bugs, I am on long term antibiotics and the bugs become resistant to them, then I use my emergency packs of antibiotics for two weeks, no joy then the GP gave me a weeks steroids and sent me into hospital within 5 days of giving me steriods.

Thanks again Berwick

Lovely that you are back berwick, i felt quite emotional that your back and ok, keep warm x x x

Thank you medow, good to be home. Berwick xx

Hurrah you are home Graeme! I'm so sorry you've been very sick, thank goodness you are on the road to recovery! Take things easy and feel better and better every day :) hugs hufferpuffer xxx

Thanks Huffer, it was a long hard road and struggle this time. Taking it easy for a while. Love Graeme xx

Good to hear you are out of hospital now Berwick.

You take good care now and be well soon.

Best wishes BC

Thanks BC Take care Berwick

Welcome back Berwick,I to was worried about you.

So glad things looking up now,do take care& don't rush things!

Get yourself dinky di,for all the Xmas carry on! xxxx

Pleased that you are back and it sounds as though you are on the mend, take care

Thanks secondlife, I will soon be on the mend my wife will make sure of that Berwick xx

Missed you glad your on the mend . Rest and get stronger have a lovely Christmas I shall be with the dog at home in Jersey. Looking forward to next year and troubles left behind. Audrey

Thank you Audrey, Just me my wife and two dogs this Christmas then The grandkids come up from London on the 27th. Take care love and hugs Berwick xxxx

Glad to have you back. Take care and concentrate on recovering. Judith

Thanks Alan/ Judy, It was a long trip this time really whacked. Berwick xxxx

Wonderful to have you back Berwick. Take real good care of yourself.

Thank you Suzy. Hugs Berwick xx

Welcome back Berwick. Hope you get your strength back soon. M xx

Thanks Mo, Just glad to be back home. Berwick xxx

Welcome back so glad you are on the mend, take care.

polly xx

So glad to hear you are back and on the mend, wishing the speediest recovery take good care, with love TAD xx

I'm glad you are getting better. Plenty of rest for you!

Lynne xx

Sorry to hear you have been so ill take care we will miss your humour but make sure you look after yourself and take things easily.x

Nice to hear you are back and on the mend, Take care, Heather.X

Pleased to have you back again Berwick and hope things stay good for you. Get lots of rest, build up your strength and take care. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry for the delay Berwick glad everything went well hospital wise great to have you back. Matt/Fran

Glad you're back Berwick. Hope you get plenty of rest and recover well soon. xxx

Glad to hear you are feeling better, take it easy remember nothing waits better than work don't be to keen to get back to it have a lovely christmas and a peaceful new year x

Sorry to hear you have been so ill Berwick. Nice to have you back

Take things easy and rest.

Wish you well Patty 17

Great to hear from you again. We all missed you. All the best, Larry.

Welcome back Berwick, sorry to hear it was due to hospitalization. Take care don't go rushing it, rest and one step at a time. Best wishes for a good recovery at home.

Hii glad your on the mend and back home. Am please you had such a positive experience with the hospital, but a big shock to be so close those who sadly passed away. It's a reminder to enjoy each day to the best of our ability and to appreciate the kindness bestowed upon us when we are in need. Take good care and well done for being brave. Happy Christmas to you


big welcome back. so sorry 2 hear of ur misfortune. nice 2 know u were well taken care of. look 4ward 2 cing u on here again soon take care. wishing u all the best.xxx

Hi Berwick. Nice to see you're back. I've just picked my Husband up from hospital. He was in for three days. He had a chest infection a couple of weeks ago. The Dr gave him Clarithromycin, Doxycycline and steroids. He was better for about two days then went down again. I rang for the out of hours Dr but it is now 111. They sent a flashing ambulance. When the Paramedic took his temperature it was 39.1 so they took him in. He was put on IV antibiotics and they have given him more to come home with. He is much better now thankfully. I hope both him and you continue to be well.

Such good news that your are out of hospital it took me a month to convalesce. If you can drink hot chocolate with whole milk to regain a bit of weight. don't forget the Vit D pills ( I use Seven Seas sunshine vit D. They contain Vit D and C, B1,B6, B12 and Niacin).

I hope you can manage to get your shopping. Can you do it online? Sainsbury, Tesco and Ocado do it and deliver to your door. Worth doing while you recover.

I wish you a peaceful and warm Christmas and a good recovery xxx

I don't manage to get here very often, but I have missed you Berwick. Glad your on the mend. Have a lovely Xmas see you in the new Year. Cheryl

Good to hear you back on your feet Berwick and back with us again. Its a blessing we have tese places we can go to when in times of need, take care now of yourself and start getting you strength back again. Regards Malk.

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