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afternoon all im feeling really frustrated . who do the council workers think they are .heres my rant . been waiting for a bungaloo for a year now .we live in a privately rented accomadation .and last year we got a occupational therapist to assess my husbands needs .and it was to be a level entry shower and level accom no stairs etc . so he been in hospital for a 4 day assessment for lung transplant .and the social worker .asked her questions .any way cut a long story short she phoned our council last Monday . we received a call from them last tues . saying someone would be in touch t o see about help with my husbands bathing etc .heres a week and still no call or letter . im starting to feel has if we don't matter .surely they cant play god .im not having it that theres hundreds of disable people waiting for accommodation .

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Hj Chrissy, You must phone and keep phoning until someone hears you, tell them the seriousness of your husbands needs and keep throwing the transplant into the discussion, hope all the tests go well for your husband it's a daunting for you both, Good Luck let us know how you get on.Matt

You must be so frustrated Chrissie. My advice to you is try and do everything by email then you have a record. No more excuses about them having no record of conversations etc. Best of luck. Sadie xx

Phone and ask for the name of the person in the council social services dept nominated to oversee your husbands case. Once you have that, only deal with that one person. It worked for me a couple of years ago.

you could apply to the local Housing Association independently of being on the social housing list, they are usually more sympathetic to disabled people. Good luck

thx everyone x we are on with the local council housing .were starting to feel victimised . im expecting a call back from hgospital social worker . but if no phone call by Friday then I will take all of your advice . thx love chrissy

In my council area there is an acute shortge of elderly and disabled accommodation. The wait for anything is just over two years. I think part of the problem is that people are living longer but the number of these units is remaining static. The answer of course is to build more units, but then you hit the problem of where to get the money from. Answers on a postcard to .....


Answer kill all the oldies like us off ! take care Bobby love Dorothyxxx

Don't give them ideas, I'm sure it's occurred to them already but we mustn't encourage them Dorothy xxxxxxx

My local council has had to demolish more than thirty houses, because of concrete cancer, in a local village and replacing them with over 60 (smaller gardens and town houses instead of semis). They are offering them to the original residents who had to be rehoused first but we can't go back because there is not one bungalow or any type of disabled accommodation amongst them. Keep smiling.

Carole x

Hope you're luck changes soon hun - don't give up.

love cx

Hi Chrissyk. I phoned every week when my Mother and Father needed a council Bungalow. My Father had fallen backwards down the stairs, into the livingroom where he hit the door and broke the table behind it. He was very lucky to get away with it. Mind you he wasn't the sort to complain or show you the bruises. I kept ringing and they got fed up with me. I also rang when I knew that one was vacant. We didn't wait too long and got them a lovely bungalow in the place where we wanted. If you want something done. Bug them until they do it. They won't forget your name. My Parents were well into their eighties then.

phone your local councillor, i had similar problems for my 93 year old mother ,he certainly got things moving

As Whit has stated, complain to your councillor who will be only to happy to enquire on your behalf (especially with elections in mind) and you will get an immediate response from the council department !

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