Blue Badge for 6 years. Then a Letter?

I have had a blue badge now for 6 years and my health has steadily been deteriorating. I have to take 15 prescriptions a day to keep me ticking over. I am having a pace and ablate next year because they have ran out of treatments that will improve my heart which will mean 2 procedures and make me pacemaker dependant. I have been diagnosed with RLD due to fibrosis on the inside and outside of my lungs. To top that off I have a paralysed diaphragm and arthritis to my feet, knees, shoulder, Neck and 3 vertebra in my spine.

A Letter came today saying I need to be assessed by an independent assessor? What has got me the most I filled in all the forms for the renewal well in advance so I can get the new one before it ends in December to have my assessment date late January 2014. So I will not be issued a new badge until they have approved the badge.

I called them up to see why I cannot have the meeting in the time my badge is valid. To be promised a call? The person I spoke to mentioned that he could hear I was out of breath talking on the phone. With the colder weather creeping in my car and badge are my only means of access to many places like doctors hospital etc.

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  • I can only suggest your write to the leader of the Council. I by-pass my local Councillor, as I found going to the top of the tree was the only way the branches of officialdom got rocked! They really don't like it when you point out the obvious. Good luck in getting your blue badge renewed in time. x

  • Hopefully they will bring it forward ,mine was due January this year, i applied last December and i was also told i would have to have an assessment on arrival the person said they had changed their minds after reading my application

    Not only that she then said if i had left it until January it would have cost me £10 instead of the usual nothing !!!

    Hope you get it sorted before January take care Dorothyxxx

  • Thank you for your kind words. It is not so much the assessment it is the fact of their non consideration to time.

  • That is not good news Offcut, the delay will cause you difficulties won't it? Are there any disability helper groups in your area that could maybe help speed it up. As often occurs different departments are not in unison although its all inter related. Hope your call will have made them think good luck with getting it on time

  • Thank you

  • Oh so sorry this is happening to you Offcut, The blue badge being your only means of getting out during winter months, its awful we have to keep facing these sorts of difficulties with our illness.

    I would phone them again and lay it on thick. Ask again to bring the date forward before your old one expires, say if you ok it with your doctor for them to ring him/her concerning this,will they agree to do so? Then ask your surgery for a telephone appointment with your doctor and explain the situation, about them calling him and would he agree to speak to them on your behalf on your health situation and the need for you to have the bus pass as the other one expires.

    I do hope they can bring the date forward for you Offcut, and with the help from your doctor things run smoothly and you are awarded the blue badge in good time before your old one expires.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you.


  • As you know my doctor and I have not been seeing eye to eye of late. So cooperation might be a problem. I feel as if I am on a black list at the moment since winning my ESA appeal.

  • Check with BLF helpline about this situation Offcut its important you have the blue badge to help you. I feel sure the helpline can advise on what sort of things you need to emphasise and if there are certain circumstances you can bring into being to avoid delays in getting the blue badge.

    Very best wishes with this. BC x

  • Sounds to me like the problem lies with your doctor, who has probably already had some input on the decision.

    Time for a change ?

  • Good luck offcut and you have some sound advice from others so hope all works out for you. What a way to be treated! Disgusting! xxx

  • I am giving them until Friday to get back to me and then I will have to go to war it seems :( Thanks for your input lots of things to pursue.

    Be Well

  • Offcut sorry to hear this but you are entitled to a blue badge if you get DLA I have to go for an assessment to renew my blue badge but that is because I'm not claiming DLA or ESA.

  • I get Support ESA and wading though the DLA Mobility forms at the moment. I went to Age UK for advice but she could not get that there is a difference in Obstructive and Restrictive Lung disease. I have Restrictive. This was put on the forms and the letters from my cardiologist.

  • Well the blue badge team got back to me and asked me loads of questions and said that they will call me in the next few working days. So still a little in the dark as I repeated what was on my form with regards my mobility.

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