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As promised I said I would keep certain people updated on how I went on with the woman who came to set me because of my eating problem well I've never met anyone in the nhs so rude she spoke to Mt as thou I was a nobody She gave me some food leaflets saying to me you can put them in the bin when I've gone you probably will I was shocked also she basically said she didn't really want to be here at my house that that she had other things to do I was in total shock I would never dream of talking to anybody like she was.speaking to me I so wish I had the confidence to tell.get to get put of my house but Ian to polite for that I told my care coordinator about this woman and she said I can put a complaint in but it's not something I like doing I thought at long last I was going to get some help with my eating problems and now because of this woman I feel as thou Ian back to square one :(

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  • I am so shocked by your post - how absolutely dreadful. It is hard to believe that anyone in the caring profession would behave like that. I do think you should tell someone though - she must be making peoples lives a misery and she is being paid to help. Could you talk to your doctor. How awful for you. The only thing I can think of is to ring the BLF helpline - they might be able to give you some practical advise on what to do now. I am so sorry. Take a deep breath and be glad you don't have to see her again! Take good care of yourself. with much love TAD xx

  • Hi tadaw iam still in shock and my husband is fuming he know me and knows I would never speak to anyone the way she spoke to me Iam still trying to understand why she spoke to me that way perhaps she thought I should give myself a good shake and get on with it if only it was that simple she even said she could force me to eat but she could if I was in hospital I've just rang my doctors surgery and asked for a call back of my gp she really nice iam going to have a word with her about it if that fails I will ring blf helpline a ring thankyou for your help pam xxx

  • pals disbanded it is now local health watch england through your local auhority

  • Hi pergola Iam going to have a word with my go later on today when she rings me up thankyou for your advice xx

  • Thankyou stitch xx

  • Flipping heck Pamela, you most certainly did not deserve that sort of treatment - good luck with talking to your nice GP, I am sure she will be shocked too. Chin up, you have our wholehearted support :)

  • Hi scrobbity thankyou for your comment and thankyou for your support xxx

  • Be advise by your care coordinator. If you don't want to go initially through PALS. Address correspondence to the Chief Executive at your Hospital.

    If you don't say anything about this incident to those who can help you change your experience and get the help you need, you may encounter the same person again.

    Even though the person who visited you said she didn't want to be there, I would still read the leaflets she dropped off so you are aware for when the new improved help visits :)

    The following links may give you further help and advice:

    Good Luck

  • Hi blakeyc I don't like making a fuss are getting anyone in trouble but I've decided now Iam going to have a word with my gp wouldn't want anyone to be spoken to the way she spoke to me regarding the leaflet I have had a look through them but kinda lost hope in them to be truthful :( thankyou for your link iam going to have a look at that much appreciated pam xx

  • Oh Pamela I am so sorry you experienced the unprofessional and unacceptable behaviour of this woman. Good luck with the 'phone call with your GP. She defo needs reporting to stop her doing this to someone else. You should also have a visit from a different dietician as that visit was a waste of your time and of no help at all.

    Best wishes


  • Hi cofdrop thankyou for your comment my gp is ringing me up this afternoon she is very approachable so iam going to have a word with her as for another dietician coming seeing this.I I'll pass on that :( don't want to be made,to feel like the last one me feel take care pam xxx

  • Hi Pamela. That wasn't nice. We know there are people in the NHS like them. I would as the others have said. Tell your Dr and see if he can reccommend anyone else. Also as Blakey said read through the leaflets so you can show you are willing. Don't feel too bad about it. Think how many other people got it after you. How many more did she upset. It's not you who has a personality problem. It is her. Now cheer up and let it make you stronger. X

  • Hi mavary Iam still waiting for my gp to ring going to have a word with her I feel as thou iam telling tales but thinking about it I wouldn't like her talking to others like she spoke to me my husband is fuming I have been reading through the leaflets a iam looking for any advice tips anything to help me out thankyou for your comment pam xxx

  • Hi Pamela, well that was knock to your confidence wasn't it?! Nobody needs people like that and she should be told of her rudeness as she is clearly very thick. My Pete is just like you and hates to make a fuss but sometimes it is just necessary to get your point across without nastiness as you are far too nice for that. I do hope you get in touch with others who can and will help and yes, do read the leaflets as that is a step in the right direction.

    Wishing you good luck and don't let just one silly person ruin things for you. There are lots of very good, professional people out there who are willing to help and take a pride in their work. Hope you find a good one soon.

    Lots of love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • How sassy59 yes it was defiantly a knock to my confidence and yes I no there's a lot of good professional people out there who have.helped me alot it's just a shame.when there's the odd bad apple that are so ignorant they don't think how there words can effect you thankyou for your lovely comment pam xxx

  • Hi bev I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth and iam quiet angry with myself because I should of spoke up for myself instead I sat there like a naughty child that was being told of not a nice feeling thankyou for your kind words and support pam xxx

  • Hi there Pamela she sounds a real charmer :) how to win friends and influence people huh!!Try not to hang onto her negative comments Pamela Im sure your doctor will listen to you as well as you needing positive help you are trying to prevent any other patient getting getting the the old rude witch!! :) Hope you get good feed back Pamela .Dont be disheartened. :) Janexx

  • Oh dear you! This is terrible. Can you not ask your doctor and talk about your experience to him and ask for a second opinion? You need to be advised, not bullied! This was on the NHS. I would at least tell your doctor!

    In Canterbury, there's an office with a dietician. when I was in hospital, she prescribed that I should have bacon in the morning. some of the nurses thought I was over the top to have bacon, when others had Cornflakes! but I did receive the bacon! and those yogurthy food supplement. Oh no! This is not on!

  • Hi helingmic I was supposed to have a telephone consultation with my gp today but I ended up falling asleep and missing her call I'll be ringing up again tomorrow I proper annoyed with myself for falling asleep thankyou for your comment xxx

  • At least, you can prepare yourself. Write a bit what you would like to ask. something like How can I be helped with a diet? What can I do to improve my life style? Can you help me with a programme for doing this, or can you direct me to someone who will. Good luck, snoring fairy!

  • Hi Pamela67, It is terrible to think that these so called professionals, are getting paid to come into peoples homes and upset them, Do hope this hasn't stopped you getting help else where, Love ,Heather X

  • Hi junespoon yes it is terrible people like that are getting paid to upset I felt as thou I was wasting her time and,no it want stop me getting support else where.thankyou for your comment xxx

  • Hi Jane yep she was a real charmer:( as soon as she started talking all that came out of get mouth was negatively really don't no how she qualified in her Job but one thing.I do no is she will never walk through my door again thankyou for your lovely comment pam xxx

  • Be strong pamela67


  • Thankyou kotc xxx

  • How rude! She shouldn't be working with the public , what a pity she had to come out and see you. Good advice from everyone Pamela..hope you can get something sorted out.

    Hope too that we're not in the same area cos I got a dietician coming to see me next Friday !!! xxx

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