I've got a very embarrassing problem, Bad breath. I know that bronchiectasis can cause this. I am very particular with my dental hygiene, my

dentist has told me there is no problem with my teeth. I have tried every toothpaste and mouthwash on the market. I also use a tongue scrapper, dental floss, electric toothbrush and follow all the guide lines to cleaning teeth, also tried chewing parsley, stuff and tablets from the health shop, all to no avail. The only items I have tried is a toothpaste, mouth wash and tongue paste in a package from Australia. It does work for a few hours and then begins to wear off. The problem is it costs £40.0.0 a month and i'm going to bankrupt myself. Does anyone know of anything a bit cheaper, or, is there anything I can get from my gp. Your help will be greatly appreciated. xxx

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  • A very good post Must carry on, something most don't want to talk about.

    I have read before in health articles that mouthwashes etc only exacerbate the problem and encourage the growth of bacteria.

    There may be a very simple, natural and inexpensive antidote out there and I'm looking forward to reading your replies.

    If it were me - and I stress, this is what I would do myself, I'm not suggesting anyone else should do it. .... I would eliminate sugar and yeast (fungals) from my diet for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

    I sympathise hugely (no help to you I know). I'm a bit paranoid about having bad breath, being single, who's going to tell me?

    I'm hoping someone will come up with a simple solution like soda bicarbonate as a miracle cure.

    You've reminded me I must drink more water to make my sinus & lung mucus more fluid so it's not sitting around growing bacteria. Yuk.

    It's very hard to tell someone their breath is awful. Beware though, there are other causes too.

    Have you seen the doc about it? I would recommend and/or call the BLF helpline on Monday. I'd be very interested in their response. P xx

  • I am thinking you should be speaking with your GP about this problem, bad breath can be caused by an underlying medical problem.

    Refer :

    When to see your GP

    See your GP if you still have bad breath after making changes to your dental hygiene routine. There may be a medical cause that needs further investigation.

    Try not to hide the smell of your breath before visiting your dentist or GP because it will make it more difficult to find out what is causing the problem.


    Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi BlakeyC My dental hygiene is fine, I had this checked out with my dentist. Thanks for thw web page you dug out. It does say in there that bronchiectasis can cause the problem. thanks

  • also it can be something else that may need investigation. If its a poorly liver for instance you really need to get treatment sooner rather than later. In these situations best to let your doctor guide you. But of course it is your decision.

  • Hi Blakey. The thing is over the past few months I've had so many blood tests that something would show up.

  • May be of help but I use ginger which seems to help don't know why. I also drink plenty of water also make sure you rinse well after using your drugs I add a splash of lemon juice in my water when doing this. I tried quite a few things before getting to this you could try it you never know t might work for you too x

  • Can you buy ginger tablets from the health shop? I don't like raw ginger, too spicy for me. I do drink a lot of water, i'm going to add a splash of lemon. Thanks so much xx

  • Yes you can get ginger capsules or tablets from any chemist health food shop I actually like crystallised ginger and eat it like sweets but I have taken the tablets - they help with digestion too Good Luck xxx

  • Thanks a lot for that jandan, they are on my shopping list. xxx

  • I didn't know that we have higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. I do drink a lot (water) My digestion is ok. Many thanks for telling me that xx

  • Has anyone actually told you that you have bad breath mustcarryon? I'm surprised the dentist didn't offer you any advice as they must encounter this on a daily basis. I would definitely see your gp as I am sure there are things that can be done to help you. Hope you can get it sorted out. Sadie xxx

  • Yes, my dentist did say to go and see my gp. Next time I go I will mention it to him.

  • ULTRADEX!! ITS FAB!! Most bad breath comes from your throat, if you gargle and rinse with this it works wonders. Go to Dr Katz website, he sells a 'californian' one online that I used to use..quite expensive, but Ultradex is available in boots and almost identical..His website tells you where the bacteria hide and food to avoid..dairy, sugar etc. I suffer a bit with my breath/dry mouth and Ultradex works wonders...I can sympathise with you..

  • Thanks for that very much. I too suffer with a dry mouth. I do wonder if that has something to do with it. Before I go and buy some Ultradex can you tell me if it's worth me buying it because I can't gargle, so do you think it will have the same affect?

  • I struggle with gargling too, but if you can hold your head back and let it trickle back it can reach your throat, I use a small amount and let it roll back across my tongue. I think even swishing it round your mouth, especially back teeth will give you some freshness.. It isnt too expensive I have seen it for £8 in supermarkets and up to £12 in chemists, give it a go. I get withdrawal symptoms if I dont use it :-) Honestly! Food taste different, terrible taste and furry teeth.. I wouldnt be without it....

  • Thanks ever so much for that woofneigh. I'm going to buy some when I go shopping this week.

  • You must let us know how you get on...Give it a few days to get on top of the bacteria..All the best...

  • I got ultradex and a tongue gel online much cheaper than the high street :)

  • The odour could be coming from your lungs.I would send in a sputum sample for testing.Psuedomonas infection is a possible cause.

    Hope you find some answers soon.

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