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''''''''''''''''''''KOTC ''''''''''''''Thank you

Thank you all for your kind messages. I didn't wake up 'till 1.30pm today. I have got up for a couple of hours'

Badger is loving it ,he hasn't left my side. The wife, she's singing like a canary, I can't think why!


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Glad to hear you had a good sleep you must have needed it. I am a great believer in sleep!! Hope you are fighting fit very soon xxxx

I tend to forget that I am younger than I used to be and I can do so much more than I used to I can go faster than I could before, know what I mean? TADAW

Just keep resting King, until you are quite well please! Or I,ll be flying over to give the wife a hand, & I,m not quite as gentle :P xxxx

You wouldn't ,would you? sillywitch

Ok kotc, if silly witch doesn't turn up on her broom you might just find a steamtrain in your room, and then you'll really be in trouble. Get back to bed man for a bit longer, untill your stronger. Lots of talc jxxxx. No disrespect to silly witch.

Blow your whistle before entering please Steamtrain1958

Martyn needs a break so I may turn up as well, king and you really don't want that do you????? :-) :-) Alison

What a party Eh? Alison

Hi King, you must have needed the rest. Hope you are back on your feet feeling better real soon, We all miss you. Nannyb xxx

Thank you for those comforting words nannyb

Hi King. Hope you are a bit better. Nice to hear from you.

Thank you for your kind response Mavary

So glad you're feeling better,keep in bed & keep badger warm!

I'm sure your lovely wife enjoyed that time too,no wonder she's singing!! Xxx

Back to square one today, can't shift it Wendells Badger has got a poorly tooth today and is feeling very sorry for himself

Come on KOTC get better my son. Berwick

I keep trying Berwick but it just keeps returning

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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