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i have just come back from the doctors after having my copd review the test was normal my copd has reversed itself i am so happy

and feel so lucky the nurse says my reading were better than hers and to keep exercisin g

and eating a healthy food and keep active the nurse says copd sometimes does reverse when it is mild i feel if i have been given a second chance take care everybody xx

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Fantastic news. So pleased for you! keep up the good work! M x

Brilliant news so pleased for you! :-)

Congratulations southend, consider yourself blessed.

Keep on looking after those lungs.


wow so pleased for you southend good luck

Hi what fantastic news.

I was diagnosed in 2010 with very mild stage 1 boullous emphysema, my FEV1 was 79% in 2012, this July it was 81%, a nurse and doctor said to me that COPD can either stay the same or sometimes it can reverse its self.

I was always under the impression COPD can't reverse.

I stopped smoking 2011, I exercise every day and try eat well, positive-focused and pro active attitude helps me.

Keep up the good work.


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doctor told me copd can sometimes reverse itself when it is mild and you stop smoking stay away from infections eat well and exercise and keep a positive attitude take care

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existing lung damage as in large loopy stretched alveoli sacks cant heal or return to normal as happens in emphysema, but certainly we can help ourselves to stop the lung damage getting any worse. Emphysema is under the COPD banner.

The lung function test and the spirometry test can change to improve the lung functioning and improve the forced expiry volume that is measured in spirometry. These can also deteriorate when lung infection is present and when there is a deconditioning and the lung illness becomes unstable.


BlakleyC's explanation is correct. Emphysematous changer are permanent and often progressive even without additional smoking exposure. I would add that the alveoli are not only loopy, but severed to create air filled cysts which are most demonstrable on high resolution CT scan and can be correlated with both FEV1, DLCO, FRC, and TLC though these are not specific to only emphysema or COPD in general. Changes to the small airways can however be reversible which accounts for daily variations on PFT's and even some improvements. Some patients have the predominantly emphysematous phenotype of COPD whilst others have small airway disease and others chronic bronchitis which is why we all will have our own individual natural history of the disease. As a rule however, once there is emphysema, you keep it forever. Which for many of us, myself included, is very sad.


Good for you, southend. Keep it that way. x

Well done indeed.

Well done you. Very please for you, now take a deep breath and blow some of that luck to the rest of us.

Take very great carexxx


Fantastic news xxx

Very good news, well done

great new silversufer x Ann

Is it really true that COPD can reverse itself or at least improve?

if you have mild copd and stop smoking and look after yourself there is a chance the copd will reverse itself i feel so lucky i am going to continue doing what i have been doing eat well exercise keep away from infections the best i can and never having another cig hopefully it will stay normal

great new southend xx Ann

What brilliant news and hope you continue to do well. Take care. xxxx

fantastic news well done keep up the good work

Hi Southend that is the best news ever so glad you shared that with us what an inspiration for others to know that at those early stages you can reverse this disease by having good habits not bad habits.Well done you must be made up! :) Janexx

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i am so made up i cannot tell you how happy i am i was lucky in the first place tohave it diagnosed at the very mild stage then stopping smoking and excercising eating well and trying to keep away from infections 10 months later the test is normal i m going to try my utmost to keep it at normal good luck everybody and thank you for your comments they a lot to me xx

It would be lovely to hear more posts like this :) i have been on this site nearly a year & thats the first time i have heard a whisper of the condition reversing! it will give hope to many at the early stages, wonderful news xx

Happily I'm another.

I do still have asthma and some lung damage but I'm told my last lung function test was normal and hospital will probably discharge me after my Jan appt.

joining and learning here, PR, learning the breathing techniques avoiding infectious people have saved me for sure.

Mind you, I'm happy to have seen the ct scan for proof of lung damage which the registrar told me was fine to live with.

So happy for you peeg! :) there is hope 4 me! Must admit, gave up smoking straight away & my breathing has considerably improved! Eating healthy & exercising! I'm hoping for good news.

So good that you've stopped smoking. I only smoked as a student then again as a mature student in my 40's.

I dread to think what I'd been like if I'd clocked up more years of smoking . As I've learnt here, other factors can be involved ie childhood illnesses, working environment, over use of chemicals, living in damp unventilated atmospheres.

I had asthma as a child then again diagnosed with it 9 years ago but I realise now that it never really went away.

If only I knew then what I know now - knowledge and education about it is the key.

Sadly 3 of my children smoked. One stopped a few years ago, the 29 year old recently stopped but William still does (plus much marijuana which is very very bad for lungs too & he's the only one with asthma grrrrr). :(

You keep well, learn as much as you can, do PR course, take up all the suggestions above and you will give it your bestest shot at staying mild.

I haven't time to read through again but Manuka honey helps fight infections plus Vits C, D3 to keep your immune system thriving. Good luck :)

Thanks peeg, will try & keep as healthy as can! I wish I could turn back the clock! But I can't, the damage is done :( I have a son that smokes! I try & tell him, but what can you do!! I asked about PR course, but the nurse said I wasn't bad enough 4 that!!

Ha, then she'd also say I'm 'not bad enough'! Where I live they told me that they want to get people like us on early to prevent them getting worse and that this is the current thinking. My practice nurse referred me and then the registrar also offered it at the main hospital, I stupidly said I'd already done it. I might have had another bash with different staff. It has helped me no end and def stopped me getting worse.

Take care, P

Great news southend, you too peege, hope, is what everyone needs and that's what you've both given people who are lucky enough to be mild.

The trouble with most diseases, is that those that do well, don't come on message boards. We will only hear from frightened newbies or those who are not doing well.

It would be great to hear from people who have had it for years that have not got any worse since diagnosis but, would love to hear of more. But, like I said, they are too busy living.

If we are all still members of this forum in say 10 years time, it will be invaluable. x

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