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Can anyone help me please? 6 years ago I was diagnosed with mild emphysema a scan said apical fibrosis with patches of emphysematous

changes in different regions of the lungs. my fev1 was 88.5%. Peak flow rate was 6.09 and tlc was 5.79. I don't know what they are now, I've had many chest infections and I know my breathing is so much worse. Earlier this year with a very nasty c/h I had an ordinary x ray and was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. I don't know if the tests I had 6 years ago were good, so could it be that it will be some time yet before these readings get worse? I have to say that until the last Chest infection I was not too bad, I could recover pretty well from previous c/i's but not this time, this one has really taken it's toll on me.

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I would give the BLF a call for advice they're brilliant. Also go and see your GP and ask to be referred for more test, you don't say if you've had anything for your infection. Please don't panic and let us know how you get on.

Here if you need us

Kim xxxx

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Hi kimmy59

Thanks for the support. Yes I always have medication for infections. As before, this time it was antibiotics and steroids. I just can't seem to pick myself up from this last one though. Also, i'm becoming very sensitive to different things, I often end up having a terrible coughing fit and feeling as if i'm choking. Thanks for your advise, i'm going to do as you suggest. xxx


Be almost killed me, Easy way out.keep searching,don't give up there is more medication than that.yo will find something for you.keep searching and asking ,educating ourselves is invaluable .good luck....


Hi mustcarryon yes i to think you need to have a conversation with Gp ,BLF or your resp nurse,things do change with us but we are all so very different.Coughing fits are horrid things for me I have a small swig of cough syrup and soothers which help me,they are very tiring.Takecare hope you get your questions answered soon.Janexx


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