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hello again and thank you all

Hi, I joined this group only a week ago, my first post received about 30 replies with loads of friendly advice, I took that advice and rang the BLF and spoke to a lovely respiratory nurse called Barbara who was wonderful, next day I went back to my doctor (a different doctor to the previous one who didn't even want to see me again, I'll not be making any appointments with her ever again!) I explained what the BLF nurse had said and that I would like a CT Scan to clarify exactly what's going on with me, also that I wasn't getting on very well with my Spiriva inhaler, two days later I have a new inhaler to try and a referral to see a consultant at the hospital, all thanks to you all :-)

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Excellent news! And good advice for others. x

Brilliant excellent news and good luck Berwick xxx

Great news lucyannie, It does seem as if you have to be a little pushy to get things done these day's, I hope the CT results are favorable and your GP should be able to treat you better with the correct diagnosis.

Good Luck la :)

wow wonderful news good for you, pleased you joined and acted on the other members advice, lovely people on here .......... and now you are also one of the family woooooo hoooooo lol Joan x (having a silly moment)


Well done, both for joining the site and for causing an about turn in your treatment. x

Good on ya hun. You really do have to be assertive to get a proper diagnosis.

Good luck

love cx

Fantastic news ! Absolutely marvellous that you found the strength to go back and take control in the nicest possible way ! Please let us know how the scan goes Take good care TAD xx

Hi Tadaw, thank you for your post, before I joined this site I was on the floor I must admit, I was devastated with being told I had copd, cried a lot and felt very sorry for myself, thought I was going to die, soon!! I found hope and the strength to fight back after reading all the posts I had from you lovely people, thank you so much for all your support x

Well done the BLF nurse


Well done for taking control. I told my respiratory nurse your all very nice and good at their job, but they're are not the ones living it I am and I know my own body.

Good luck with your new medication and your consultant, just need your referral to PR now.

Kim xxxxxx

Brilliant news, and well done lucieannie. Hope the new inhaler helps. x

Hi Lucieannie, Very well done great news keep us updated. Matt

Well done. Glad you are getting seen to properly! M

Great news, shame we have to push to get good treatment though.

Good on u I had the same prob with my gp insisted he refer me back to my specialist he changed my meds and I've been great also got in touch with dla told them about change in my condition and because I had letter from specialist to support my claim got increase in dla in two weeks .

Good on you, indeed! It's good you feel that our support and the LF has helped you. We all need that bit of knowledge to make a better life, for ourselves and others!

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