Records are there to be broken!!

Records are there to be broken!!

The last few day's I've not felt on top form and have been coughing a lot more than usual so I thought I would give my lungs a clear out and see how bad I was by comparing my estate walk time with the last record time (16.45 mins.)

I was certain I would be off the pace which would give me some evidence that all was not well.

After setting the stop watch I set off up the hill and to my surprise things went very well and I reached the top in a new record time 16.30 minutes, a whole 15 seconds off my last best time.

Life is full of ups and downs healthunlockeders, some of you may have read of my Hot bath and domestos fumes experience on Monday which was a bit of a downer and now here I am breaking records and things are good again.

I'm a happy man and I hope you all have something to make you happy too.

Tony :)

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That makes me happy Tony!

We always need little successes like that to remind us that life is wonderful...even when we feel the opposite.

Well done....Im inspired x

That's the good thing about my timed walks, I can tell if there is something physically wrong or whether its just a mind thing. I also know that Monday's experience with the paramedic call out didn't do me any harm, whew!! :)

Superb attitude :) x

I felt happy today Tony because I walked to the local supermarket, about a 10 min walk at my pace and walked back with 2 bags of shopping. I give the credit for that to the excellent PR course I went on recently. :)

Well done SuzieQs - each at their own pace. x

Great work SQ. That's just the sort of post that we all love to hear. Someone who gets out there and helps themselves to improve their situation. Of course there are some who cannot do this due to more severe health issues and that I do understand.

PR gives you that confidence to get out there and give it a go and not let breathlessness stop you. I also have PR to thank for getting me to where I am now, they gave me the knowledge I needed to move forward and fight my disease and stop it destroying me. The follow up 'Fit to breath' classes have also been invaluable too and help me keep on the exercise path to a more healthy life.

Its good to feel happy!!! ain't it SQ.

Tony :)

Oh, well done Tony! It amazes me that you can always do just that bit more. You truly are an inspiration. It will be the Olympics next! :)

Its all about small steps and not expecting quick success. Its taken me 3 years to get from only managing to get to my front door to walking up the Malvern's. I would say that I still reach that same feeling of breathlessness but I can do so much more now before it makes me sit down and rest.

Thanks Toci. Mo Farah has real competition on his hands Ha Ha

Tony :)

Nice to read a happy story Tony - well done!

I try to avoid doom and gloom if possible but that's easy for me to do at the moment as things are going well. Thanks SMS :)

Nice to read a happy story Tony - well done!

Good to hear it's an inspiration to us all - try and get out there and walk. I do walk and love it but not as much as I used when I was diagnosed with COPD it sort of went into my brain that I couldn't do as much but heh nothng ventured nothing gained

Hi Blue22, Don't let a little huffing and puffing stop you from walking. Start off slowly and then increase the distance and speed as your fitness improves as it surely will.

I have set distance walks and time myself doing them. This way I have proof to show myself that I am improving and also some evidence to show the doctors consultants when things are not so good.

Regular exercise will help you more than any pill can, but a combination of both is what works for me.


thks weather permitting I will be more positive

Yes the weather can make things difficult, Its about now that I bring my exercise bike in from the garage and use that. Its not the same as walking out and the view never changes but it still does the job of keeping you as fit as possible until next year brings with it warmer times. Its then you can reap the rewards of your winter labours.

Positive attitude is the way to go B22 :)

Well done! you are an inspiration! I have started walking more and also go to my PR class. I had not thought about timing myself though and it sounds like a good idea. I was also thinking of a pedometer to see how far I walk but I would not know where to buy one.


Hi PT, I have 3 set distance walks from my house every now and then I do a timed check to see if I have improved or got worse. I have found this invaluable information, not only to boost myself but to give to the GPs and consultants. It helps them get a better view of how things are going for you and whether their treatment needs adjusting. I've had pedometers but keep losing them, I think most sports shops would sell them or Hiking and camping shops also, maybe even Argos.

Thanks PT.

Well done from me too. It's amazing what a little determination can do at times. I felt a bit of a failure when I found that I couldn't make it to the shops and back without being rescued. Had to rely on my scooter then. However, last week when I was feeling fairly rough from a flare up but cheesed off with being stuck inside the same four walls, I risked a trip out on the buggy. I don't know if was the fresh air or seeing people that did it but it perked me up no end. Also, believe it or not, the shaking and bumping that you get on one of these things, especially if it has solid tyres, did something my neb or tablets couldn't loosened all the gung and mucus that had been plaguing me...a trip well worth the effort.

I'm glad you got out and had a good time CB, sitting at home isn't good for body or soul and at least you have found a good way to clear those lungs, look for a ploughed field and drive across it :) . I have found that the best way of keeping my lungs clear is by exercise and getting myself blowing a bit, you can forget the neb's and mucodine's, natures way of a good old blow out works every time.


Wow well done to you, it does help us all to hear such an inspiring post. Joan x

Thanks Joan, we are all hear to help each other and if a positive post can help someone then I'm happy. :)

Tony xx

I think fresh air is better than Domestos fumes! Good for you!

From my experience I Totally agree!!! :)

Your post made me smile Tony, you are an inspiration! Like you I like to set myself goals so that I can monitor how well, or not so well, I am doing. I have a pedometer (got it from Amazonquite cheaply) and it has a handy clip which I attach to my skirt or jeans. I use it just to count the number of steps I do each day. I think it does other things too but I keep it simple! At first, a few weeks ago, I was happy to reach 1000 steps a day and now I'm achieving roughly 3000 steps a day, often more. I record my daily step total in a diary so I can look back and see how I've progressed. If I don't feel like going outside to walk I do jogging on the spot sessions indoors. The good thing about that is you can just do it at any time, waiting for the dinner to cook, tea to brew, etc!! Or whilst watching TV - I try and get in at least 200 jogs per session. My last FEV1 reading was 45%. Scary, so I really want to do everything I can to at least get my fitness levels up - better than sitting around moping!

It has worked wonders for me, I've really noticed a difference in my fitness levels. I would say that the exercise is helping me more than inhalers do. Yes, I still get breathless but I recover quicker and am able to do more and more as time goes on. Just looked at my pedometer and I've only just reached the 1000 mark - oops - I'm off now for some more jogging!


I guess we will always be breathless but at least we can do a lot more before the puffing starts. Exercise in whatever form is our only way out of this mess and I intend to sqeeze out every last bit of my old self as I can.

Keep up the great work Janet, I'm glad my crazy antics made you smile. :)


I pretend I am you Tony and then I am Happy


As Healthunlockeders were all in a bit of a mess here arn't we but it don't stop us being happy does it eh' King.

Tony :)

That's it 'Happy go lucky me'

I am also a great believer in keeping moving, if you can. I have bronchictasis and steroid inhalers do nothing for this condition, I believe. So I am trying to keep healthy by eating well and doing plenty of exercise along with fresh air when possible. It's early days yet but,so far,so good. :)

Good work PT, They tell us at fit to breath that exercise is good for all conditions and it seems to be working for me, slowly but surely. Take it easy pt and think long term. Don't expect quick results but with exercise and fresh air you can't go wrong. :)

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