Thankyou all so much I just popped on the site this morning and seen all your responses and that made me feel so blessed . I've been in a very dark place lately and my councillor say it could get darker while Ian working through my counselling and that's why I was going to come of line for a while because I don't want to put on you lovely people then I seen your msgs and now Ian confused what to do

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  • You don't put on anyone Pamela. We are here to support each other - and that would make us a bit redundant if nobody needed support! We switch around too, so those doing the supporting today will be looking to others for support tomorrow. We are all in this together. Take care. x

  • true tocixx

  • Thankyou toci you make so much sense and I will be there for others on here to xxxx

  • Good for you. xx

  • We are all here ready and willing to give support to the best of our ability. Never feel you cannot come on and ask for help or advice we are all in the same boat in one way or another. x

  • Thankyou silversurfer that means so much xx

  • I completely agree with the others - we are here to support each other and for each of us some days are better than others and each of us at times will need support. You can always come here for support, advise and if we can help we will. Take good care, TADxx

  • Thankyou tadaw your all lovely people xxx

  • That's lovely stitch thankyou it means such alot knowing that I've got all this support and anytime anyone wants my support I'll do my best to give it xx

  • Hi Pamela that is the very reason for staying here with all of us,we are such a cocktail of characters here which will ensure a warm comforting blanket to buffer you through any difficult moments that might arise along the way.With help,support,tears and laughter we got it all here waiting to give and you too are part of the giving aswell as receiving.Dont be confused stay!:) Janexx

  • Hi Jane I just feel as thou iam putting on you Al and feel very bad,about it and your right you are all a,lovely cocktail of whom have helped me so much already and Ian so grateful for that thankyou xxxx

  • ha pamela,how are you,talk to me if your depressed.i will help you,i have been there and came through,whats wrong eh,pm if you like,i will get you out from were you are,bernicex

  • Hi bernice there's allsorts going on in my head at the moment like there probably is for alot of people thankyou so much for your kind words means such alot and I will keep watching out for that light at the end of the tunnel thankyou pam xxxx

  • it will come you must fight it,keep talkin to us,about your thoughts and day to day feelings,the ladder awaits you ,get on it,1 step at a time,beat this,hit it hard,and fast,now you go girl,shake the demons away,bernicex

  • What your feeling is a symptom of your depression.Well your not putting on me at all.Ithink you would be surprised at how many of us have or are suffering wth depression.Having had depression all my life the one thing I do know is that,as you open and close the doors of our issues,sadnesses,anger,worry etc.One day one of those doors has a chink of warm sunlight behind it and that is such agood feeling ,things will improve for you.Be patient and keep comunicating with us your loved ones it really does help.NoGuilt.Sending big huggs.Janexx

  • ll its the tunnel,and at the end theres light ,,xx

  • Thats the one bernice.Janexx

  • You have my big support, Pamela. Believe me depression is so common. I am experiencing it myself. I am under treatment from the doctor, and am having counselling. It is a very real and scary thing to happen, and talking about it you can really helps. I haven't said much because I hoped it would go away but bringing it into the open helps. Pamela, if you want to PM at any time, please do. Big love from Annieseedx

  • Hi annie so sorry to hear you too are suffering.Keep talking annie as you say it really does help.Sending huggs to you,loads of friends here for you.Janexx

  • I haven't faced up to depression before, but feel it is important to look facts in the face. Thanks, Jane x

  • good attitude there,xxx

  • You sound like a very strong woman annieseed I hope you to start to feel better soon xxx

  • ha annieseed,sorry bout depression,im hear we are all in this ,open dialogue is the best treatment,xx

  • Hi annieseed thankyou so much for your lovely comment I know depression is a common thing I be it most of my life but not at this scale it's totally knocked me for six Ian to under a counsellor and my gp with it but still don't feel as thou I've got any further thankyou so much snowdrift and if your sure I will pm you soon thankyou xxx

  • what scale on a count of ten are you at pamelaxx

  • Hi carrot.if 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest I would defiantly say a 1 at the moment but I'll still curtailing for that light at the end of the tunnel xxx

  • your on 1st ladder step,now get to 2,then 3 then 4 then 5,after 5 look back and say right im going for gold 10,,and punch the air,the light as come,it will come dont falter,bernicex

  • Bless your heart try and be patient Pamela as you have said you've been seriously knocked this time,so might take a little longer on this occasion.By being absolutely honest an true to yourself you will get there.Day at a time. Janexx

  • Thankyou Jane xxx

  • History tells me that Winston Churchill called his depression, his Black Dog. Look it in the face and put your fingers up, or least this is what I am trying to do. His famous V sign in reverse.

  • Your a star annieseed :) and I think Winston church hill gave a good name to is depression think I'll call mine that and I'll Defiantly give it a go putting.g my fingers up to it xxx

  • Will do and thankyou stitch xxx

  • A lovely GP said to me once "in the medical profession we always say it's only the nice people who get depressed" x

  • Think the gp was right because I no alot of people who suffer with depression and there are lovely xxx

  • thanks,im luvvly,and you are to,hows it today pamela,u movin on up.,bernicexx

  • Hi bernice feeling a little calmer today had a lovely visit from one of my gtandaugthers today she always makes me smile how,are you today bernice pam xxxx

  • me am good ,and the little one will help you ,keep going pamela 1 step a day on the ladder,u will get there,bernicex

  • Glad your good Bernice :) all my grandchildren do keep me going there my little angels and yes hopefully one step a day you keep well Bernice xxx

  • Glad to see you decided to stay and accept any support we can give pamela67. Depression can be a long recovery process so take it one day at a time and accept the bad days as norm till you start to come out of that long tunnel, best wishes

  • Thankyou Katie and Ian so glad that I stayed all yours support as been over whelming I've suffered with depression most of my life but this seems to be the worst it's every been but I will take one day at a time thankyou xxx

  • We are all behind you pamela67.


  • Thankyou so much kotc means so much that xxx

  • sorry for all you are going through lovely but please do not think for one minute are putting on any of us. We are all here for one another and you must stay as any one of us will at some time need and value your support.

    Hope you soon feel in a better space hun.

    With love


  • You have no need to be sorry coldrop thankyou for your lovely words and I agree we're all here for one another xxx

  • Hi, pamela, so pleased to see you message, there is no problem, it's easy to decide. You stay right here, with us, we are all here for you. There that's easy ah. Seriously, your better with us than on your own, speak to you tomorrow yes. June x

  • Hi flibberti wow everything you have wrote is right about feeling a burden worthless yes your spot on I no there's alot of people on this site at care about each other and that's what makes it a special site

  • Sorry my msg sent half way through me writing it :) and I no it takes a big step to trust your counsellor but Ian getting there thankyou for your lovely replies take care pam xxx

  • Stay on this site pamela as it could be a great help to you. You are not putting on anyone and we love to hear from you. Take care and good luck to you. Carole xxx

  • Hi sassy59 I am staying everybody have been wonderful and a great support just hope I can repaying all back the same way thankyou for your comment take care pam xxx

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