Get the air ambulance on standby!!

Get the air ambulance on standby!!

Last week I bumped into some of my old friends from the tennis club where I was a member for 35 years. They have asked me to come down for the Sunday morning club session. I'm going to take my racquet along and see if I can mix it with the old un's. Well to be honest I know it will end badly but as long as they go easy on me and take me to the pub afterwards I'll be happy.

I hav'nt played for over 3 years, well since I fell ill, so I really have no idea how I'll be but the oxygen will be at full throttle tomorrow and hopefully that air ambulance won't be needed.

I think when they see me puffing after the 1st serve they'll be more worried than me about my safety, I'm used to it but its going to be an eye opener for them eh'. :)

It could be worse I could be attempting the 7 mile mud run at the local Eastnor Castle which is being held tomorrow also.

Tony :) As Eddie and the Hot Rods once sang when they came to Malvern 'do anything you wanna do' people and don't let anything stop ya'

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Hit me with your tennis balls. Hit me.


You had better watch out King as my 1st serve for 3 years will be so far off target it may be heading for Nottingham.

Good luck!!! Just go for it TAD xx

Thanks TAD, its just got to be done, all those sit to stands, weights and miles of walking up those blinkin Hills are going to be called upon tomorrow. I may only last 5 minutes with tears flowing down my cheeks but just to get back and hit a few balls will be another massive goal achieved.

I feel very nervous and exited at the same time,all I need now is for the weather to be kind to me.

Tony xx

What are you like Tony? there is just no stopping you! Good on you.:) Janexx

Best of luck. you've got guts! M

Hi Tony Does that mean we are going to Wimbledon next year i will be your ball boy. MC

there's no stopping you now Tony, you can only know what your body is able to do if you try, but have to say tennis is one of the more energetic sports. Go for it if you feel that's best for you and I am sure all your friends will be beside you. Take care and good luck hope you achieve your aim

Good luck.

Lynne xx

So???????????? How did it go?

How did the tennis go then Tony? Good I hope, look forward to hearing how you got on

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