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thought for sunday

I belive for every drop of rain that falls

a flower grows

I belive that somewere in the darkest night

a candle glows

I belive for everyone who goes astray

someone will come

to show the way

I belive

I belive above a storm in the smallest prayer

can still be heard

I belive that someone in the great somewere

hears every word

everytime I hear a new born cry

or touch a leaf or see the sky

then I no why I BELIEVE

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Words of hope, know the Batchelors made a version of this song, but can't recall who recorded the original or was it just them. The words are very poignant

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Frankie laine back in 1953,then bachelors in 1963,wrote by drake,graham,shirl,and stillman,


"I Believe" is the name of a popular song written by Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman in 1953


The Chordettes (recorded 1953, released the next year)

Perry Como on his 1953 album I Believe ~ Songs of All Faiths Sung by Perry Como

Marcel Mouloudji (1953, as "Je Crois en Toi")

Allan Jones, tenor wuith The Peter Knight Singers with orchestra cond. by George Melachrino (recorded in London on April 16, 1953. It was released by EMI on the His Master's Voice label as catalog number B 10490).

Joni James (on her 1956 album, Give Us This Day)

Elvis Presley from Elvis' Christmas Album (1957)

Andy Williams (on his 1960 album, The Village of St. Bernadette)

David Whitfield (1960)

The Bachelors (1961)

Doris Akers (1963) (RCA Victor 2644)




Thanks for that one stone, did not realise that David Whitfield had released a version of I Believe. Perry Como was most likely the one I was trying to recall . Next time theres a music quiz on I will call on you for info.Sorry for the delayed response


It was the theme song or class song for my girls club in school. USA. 1970. Hey, you did not know that one... Giggle... I sang a solo in the middle. Sorry... Just could not resist that one. Ozzysmom


love it love it love it thank you carrotts Joan x

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I always loved these lyrics. Very uplifting. Thanks Bernice. xx

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I Believe


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