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Hi it's Rasheed I bought a mobility scooter from a chap in Blackpool was working gave to and old man who had severe asthma and also has a limp he used it for a bit then decided he wanted a bigger one so he exchanged for one without consulting me he got a sore deal the scooter was defected by the time I found out the guy he bought it off shut shop and buggered off owing the land lord 1 months rent and many other customers money which he had taken deposit for items ! Police got involved as usual but nothing's come out of it . I now require a working one or somebody who could repair this one cheap any ideas I live in Preston and scooter Mart and Millercare are rip off merchants just to change a flat tyre they charged £50 robbing gits can somebody help thank you

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  • Selling a dodgey mobility scooter has to be high on the list of nasty b*****d crimes.

    Good luck with finding someone to fix it. Perhaps try age concern? They might know of reasonable fixers.

  • rashi,as stitch said try e,bay,and from all of us to the low life/watch ur corner,you never can tell what awaits you,ba,,,,,d vermim,glad your wife is ok,your eide is coming up again ,

  • Yes it's on Wednesday and I've been on eBay majority of the adds are in the south

  • Register on Preloved. It's free and items will come up close to home.

  • Yes I been on there not much joy

  • I was lucky a few months ago to buy a virtually brand new scooter from Preloved. £120 !! I did need to buy new batteries as it has been standing for some months. Got them off Ebay for £40.

  • Hi

    Have a look at

    Any automobile electrician , should be able to rectify any faults, most of the parts, are sealed units. Exchange old for new,

    Good luck.


  • Try your local mobility shop, they must have contacts. Any mobility scooter hire.

    If costs of repair works out more expensive than buying a new one or 2nd hand one, well the choice will be yours either way.

    What did you use when you loaned your mobility scooter out?

    Good luck

  • I don't use one I just bought one for the old man his 77 he had seen people on out and about so I bought him . I'm still limping to work another ten years before I retire the repair shops in Preston and Blackburn quoted £600 to repair I can afford £100 at moment because my baby daughter is getting married and fortunately I get to spend my life savings good innit but that's my social culture ,my religion , my daughter I think I will be working an extra life time to recouperate the losses off ! Cheers I can write a biography of my life

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  • I live near Cambridge and can recommend the local mobility service there. New or second hand items, and good after care service.

  • You're living in a good climate thank you for your reply

  • Climate meaning weather. Dodgy around here but I can see the sun - love Anniexx

  • Not as dodgy as the north we've been have a bit of a chilled wind for the 4 days

  • I'll try that one thank you very much

  • Hope you are successful


    Your daily tonic

  • you can insure your scooter for about £50 for breakdown and repair or if tou can aford it on ebay you can get a class3 scooter for £995 it is cass 3 type i/e you can also use it on the roadit has to be road taxed but you do not have to pay road tax.

  • Thanks ! What's the Claus with the Insurence what is it £50 a month or a year and which company is it

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