Anyone got strange issue with trying to sleep?

This might sound stupid (knowing me it probably will be lol).

For the last few months, some nights but not all nights, when I lay down on either my left or right side I feel as if my lungs are slightly twisting and adjusting to what ever side I'm laying on?

This sometimes causes me to wheeeeze when I breath, strange I know but the twisting thing really feels as if my lungs are twisting slightly, causes a very uneasy feeling, lasts a short time then I fall asleep.

Any help advice needs, apart from advice about me seeing a shrink lol.

David 1968

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I get that feeling as well, very strange

Sorry David but I can't help as I have no experience of this feeling.

The only thing I can relate to with that,was when I had my hernia & it was pushing up my lungs.Since more problems,& breathing better! xxx

Hello David yes I do my lungs are very temperamental especially when I'm moving in bed they seem to need a little time to adjust,also when getting up they take a little while to get into gear,for me it takes a good 1-2hrs before I can start to think of doing anything physical ,.having said that as far as the morning issue. This I believe is lack of exersize roll on the new year for sorry I understand but not sure about any helpful answer as to how to deal with it.have always thought it to be my very long lungs .Janexx

I too have problems sleeping, was diagnosed with COPD in march,started inhalers in June this year and have had 2 chest infections since,anyway every time I have sleepless nights its usually caused by low oxygen levels,due to shortness of breath, and to make it worse the antibiotics & steroids that the doc prescribed means 2 hours sleep if I am lucky,best thing to do is stay positive, good luck :)

I bought an adjustable bed some years ago, which wasn't cheap, I'm afraid, but can help certain problems. I get it into position, me in the bed. Then there is a tendency to slump down the bed, raise the foot of the bed. Success. But I am still a fitful sleeper.

I have read that raising the foot of the bed helps! be good if we could all have one of those orthopaedics beds that you can raise wit a remote haha try something under your mattress maybe couple of pillows during the day first see if its comfortable! I have wen my lungs have felt uncomfortable and this seemed to ease it! Maybe worth a try, try not to fall off bed mind haha

I would love one of those beds so I could alter both ends. I tried to lift the top of the bed to help with reflux but used to slump and be uncomfortable (it did help the reflux) I also started to get pins and needles in my legs and feet and the occupational therapist advised me to take the blocks out. I have fitful sleeps most nights can't remember when I actually slept through but I do stay in bed sometimes up to 12 hours. I love my bed.

polly xx

thats the way,do what you can your style and time,always tomorrow,bernicex

I have lying flat issues while sleeping and wake 3 to 4 times a night every night :(

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