Busy and shattered!

As you might remember my consultant has taken me off steroids and colomycin to see what is really going on. I am permanently shattered with sore lungs and not coughing up all the gunk I should.

I am really busy at work with 2 x 1 week hearings coming up plus 2 shorter ones. Last night we went to a fantastic live transmission of Turandot, today in London all day, this evening went to see Rush and tomorrow evening a live transmission with Stephen Hawking. Friday evening collapse, Saturday 9am see my consultant and then a silver wedding anniversary party in the evening and Sunday out all day.

I think I need to look in my diary to schedule my nervous breakdown or at least a days leave. It is possible I might get taken into hospital sometime so that would be a nice rest!


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  • Flight of the 'Buzz, buzz busy bee.'


    Your daily tonic

  • Woah, I would be in a state of collapse! My days of running around like that are gone! :-) :-) Alison

  • Please be careful Judith as it sounds as if your well on the way to suffering Burnout. I was reviewed this week following my discharge from hospital and although the consultant is pleased with me was not keen to say I could go back to work. Stating if I must , then I must cut the hours. I realise that you know a lot more about this condition than I do, having only recently been diagnosed but I do feel so much better now and the Mucodyne seems to work wonders. I don't know if you have tried it but it definitely clears my lungs without needing to cough it up and the pains gone as well. With all that gunk in your lungs your saturations will be low and thats why your exhausted. Your job is tiring enough for an individual in the best of health ( I know that you know all this ). Yes we must develop a sense of humour but please look after yourself . Holly.

  • Holly. Thanks for your concern. I take carbocisteine (mucodyne). I still nebulise salbutamol and take my other drugs. I have already decided that I am going to hand one of my cases to the lawyer who should be doing it!


  • Whoa Judith! Take some time to smell the roses.

    I think you know that though! Please don't overdo it,& land in hospital,no rest there,believe me! xxx

  • I've just read a copy of the letter the consultant sent to the GP and I think that I could be in hospital sometime in October - my rest is promised!


  • Your diary sounds wonderful - if not exhausting! Enjoy it all while you can! Good luck with the consultant. with love TAD xx

  • No wonder you are shattered. In some ways I take my hat off to you, but perhaps you need to tone down a bit since you are so tired and especially whilst you are being taken off your abs and steroids. I expect it is easier to prioritise your social outings. Work is obviously more difficult. Glad you have decided to offload the case to the lawyer who should be doing it. It's all a bit difficult where work is concerned. Were you nebbing colomycin? Hope you manage alright without your cover and that your consultant gets to the bottom of what is going on. 5* might be the best thing, especially if cons thinks you need IVs.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Love cx

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