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Went on a small shop and my legs went top lead?

Went shopping today on a very small shop and not long after getting out of my car I felt a little strange but my calf's ached and my legs started to feel like lead is this my AF or my lungs?

I had lung rehab some time back and had the calf pain there and they said it could be my body taking oxygenated blood to my more important organs. Felt rough when I got home and slept for 2 hours which I don't do on a good day normally. Any one else had this?

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I have had similar lots of times, and blamed lack of oxygen to the legs. Oddly enough, I find walking with a rollator makes them easier than with a stick. I walk faster so ....more oxygen to the legs,


I have been told to not walk with a stick as it aggravates the arthritis in my spine neck and shoulder. I would normally have a trolley which my wife helps around corners or my knees go :( If we go anywhere for a look see I have a seat stick so I can plop myself down to get my breath back.


Hi Offcut

I think you are right, its lack of oxygen to the leg muscles. When I was a heavy smoker (more than three years ago now ... hurray!), my legs used to feel like lead if I went any distance at all. I'm sure this was down to poor oxygen levels, as it went as soon as I stopped smoking. I imagine as COPD progresses there is a similar effect.

Keep going tho'

Take care



That would be hard to say Offcut, I would want to get it checked because of the AF.

I have had similar myself in the early days of lung diagnosis, but my oxygen levels have always tested ok.

Now I get something similar which the doc tells me is the varicose veins. I was sent for a pressure check in the ankles to make sure the venous flow back to the heart was working ok.

Hope you do get it checked out and hope you find all checks out good.

Best wishes BC


I do have varicose veins in one leg but it is both that cause me problems


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