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Breathing Space Magazine................KOTC

I was asked to do an appraisal for BE Nottingham West's Introductory Pack by Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group COPD Strategy Group.I was so impressed that I contacted the Editor of Breathing Space suggesting that they give the group a mention.This can be found on page 9 of the very last edition of Breathing Space,Autumn 2013.

From September,there will be no fee charged to become part of the BLF.Supporters will now receive a refreshed and more frequent version of the newsletter,'YOUR BLF'

You can help keep print costs down by opting to receive an online version of 'YOUR BLF' at



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So I was right that the old magazine has gone. That's a real shame. Also not charging for membership surprises me. Is the BLF starting to founder? I truly hope not. Like some others, I also make a small monthly donation. I'm starting to wonder about it.

I don't like the new 4 page magazine.

Lynne xx


I think it is a question of finance, the BLF needs all the help it can get. But it is also about getting back to grass

roots ,funding respiratory research Lynne

KOTC xxx


I did enjoy my magazine but I can understand the need to keep costs down. M


Like Lynne, I am somewhat concerned as to the future remit for BLF. Do you know if they are going to let the current members know officially what they see as their future role or are they just relying on word of mouth from the members of the Community groups? Thank you KOFC for doing your best to keep us in the picture.


At this moment in time I do not know what the future holds or what their true intentions are. I quote:-

''The BLF has been through several changes in the past few months to help us research and support more people to greater effect , continue the important work we do funding vital research and to ensure our future sustainability.''

Penny Woods, Chief Executive , British Lung Foundation.

This was included in a letter which was sent with the Autumn (final edition) of Breathing Space mapal.


Haven't had my copy of the Autumn Breathing Space - must be coming via carrier pigeon! :-)


Blown of coarse EH? mapal


Txs for the heads up King,about receiving on line news.Have just signed up! Useful for us Expats! Never thought of receiving it, that way.xx


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