........................................PATTY PAN ?????

This afternoon the wife and I had a lovely afternoon at Netherfield Allotments Association open day.

Lovely fresh air, warm, sunshine and lots of nice allotment holders to pass the time of day with. We came away loaded with a variety of fresh vegetables(no greens as those pesky little caterpillars had had them for their dinner).

What we did get was something I had never seen or heard of before 'White Patty Pan'

Now all you aspiring chefs, cooks,whatever.........what do I do with it ?



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  • Mmmmmmmm! is it some kind of bread? ;)

  • It is classified as a fruit I am told hufferpuffer

  • That's too easy, I d like to know how all the aspiring chefs, cooks etc on the site would cook it stone

  • It's a squash, just a different shape to what we are all used to. So you can cook it like any other squash, if you like them (I don't but grow them for friends at our allotment).

    Lynne xx

  • It is decorating the vegetable bowl at the moment Lynne. It is about a foot across and a fine specimen..

  • You can do whatever you want with this! You can stuff it, roast it, put it in a casserole, sauté it, chop it into a salad. My favourite is probably in a vegetable stew. Mmmm

  • It is a bit like me, the wife can do whatever she wants with me Toci

  • I think the one I have got will still be a kitchen decoration at Christmas time Stitch

  • Sounds like a great arvo! I love patty pans,for all the above reasons.xx

  • It was a super time Wendells

  • I slice them and fry in a little butter to soften them put into a shallow dish grate cheese over then brown under the grill, very tasty. Sometimes they come as small ones just about 2" across I do the same with these but slice through the middle to keep their pretty shape.

    Another way is to layer them in a dish with savoury mince finish with patty pans grate cheese on top and bake in the oven.

    Fur a sweet dish layer as above but with fruit such as apple and cinnamon dot top with butter bake in oven. Serve with custard. yummee.

  • Lots of apples this year so I might try that dhio

  • I had one come in my veg. box, looking like a part melted model of a star-ship. Olive oil, seasoning, roasted - delicious.

  • I can imagine one flying through the galaxy Cuddy

  • Any chance of posting a pic of this I've never seen one.

  • Any takers for posting a photo. Try looking at Stone's reply above nanaber

  • Hi KOTC

    I grow the little yellow ones, so different looking to other veg, and so easy to grow. I use them in the same way as courgettes, roasted is particularly good. Sounds like you had a very good afternoon, hope you enjoy all your fresh produce. xx

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the day. already eating the veg Huffnpuffer

  • Hello, I had never heard of the vegetable until last week when my friend appeared on my door step with some that she had grown in her garden. They are very unusual looking, but very decorative. She grows them every year and either bakes them like a squash, or cuts them up (doesn't peel them), into small cubes and fries them with bacon. She then sprinkles grated cheese on the top and serves them as the vegetable to go with her meal. I must admit, I still haven't tried mine....its too pretty to cut up!

    Regards, Tallulah

  • That's my problem, it looks too nice. to eat Tallulah

  • Glad to hear you had a good day, and your purchase raised a good topic of conversation, not keen on squashes myself but Patty Pan sounds good, my family make soups out of them. Good cooking KOTC

  • I love fresh food and will try anything katieoxo60

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