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Breathe Easy Nottingham September meeting

This months speaker was not the one I expected ,but a lovely lady who entertained the 50 (approximately) members present about 'First Stories'

The group had been awarded £317,15 by the Nottingham Post in return for the vouchers collected.

Exercise classes need more support by members for them to be sustainable.

The croquet match went very well this year and the Joe Dobbs trophy was presented at the strawberry cream tea afterwards

We were reminded about the IPF week and the groups contribution to the stand at City Hospital

Reminders were given that the BLF raffle closes on September 23rd,buy your tickets

Leaflets were available about the Expert Patients Programme (EPP )

EPP is a course aimed at anyone with a long term health condition.

The next lunch club meal out ,Oct30th will be at a Chinese restaurant in the city

As usual, I did not win one of the many raffle prizes.


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I like the sound of your group,strawberry cream tea? Struth,we got tea& a plain bicky if lucky!! Croquet matches as e

well,you don't need to win the raffle King,you have already! xxx


I think I possibly have Wendells


Wow, what an amazing group king. I wish i lived nearer. I am very grateful to have you updating us with you wonderful knowledge. Have a very happy Sunday. :-) :-) Alison


Super group 200+ members and still growing. New members at every meeting. Chairman always goes to each table to speak to everyone. It makes members feel good.Alison


Fantabulous!!! wish I could live near you it sounds great, ( I love Chinese! ) I won a big teddy bear at a fair once! :) xxxxxxhufferpuffed xxxxxxxxx


Do you still cuddle your teddy hufferpufferxxx


fair fare??


I think its time for us all to move to Nottingham, eh' King. That's if you would except us crazy bunch from Healthunlocked as we would surely lower the tone. :) .



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