Home exercise. Updated Sunday

Home exercise.     Updated Sunday

Home Exercise

1 Shadow Boxing

Standing comfortably with your shoulders relaxed. Take up a boxing stance and make fist with both hands. Punch the air with alternate arms.

2 Sitting to Standing

Using a dining room chair, sit, stand, and sit allowing a few seconds from the start to completion. Perform exercise until you feel breathless. Then rest.

3 Quads lifts

Sitting in a supportive chair, straighten your left leg making sure your thigh is supported on the chair; pull your toes up towards yourself to tighten your thigh muscle. Hold your leg in this straightened position for between 5-10 seconds repeat until you get tired. Rest then the same for your right leg.

4a Steps Up

Step up with the right foot onto step bring up the left foot. Step down with right foot then left foot. Repeat the exercise until you feel breathless. Then rest. Make sure you place the whole of your foot on the step.

4b Side Steps (for people with no stairs)

Stand with your feet hip width apart, hold onto something save if necessary. Step to left with both feet, back to the centre then step to the right. Repeat until you feel breathless, and then rest.

5 Waist twist

With your hands on your shoulders, twist to the right as far as you feel comfortable. Rest. Repeat to the left.

6 Marching on the spot.

Holding on to back of chair march on the spot continuously until you feel breathless. Then rest.

7 Biceps curls with weights.

Stand or sit. pull your elbows into your sides and relax your shoulders. Using a weight in either hand bend your elbow so your hands come to your shoulders, then relax down again. Do not over straighten your elbows. Alternate sides.

8 Calf Exercise

Holding on to back of chair, go up on to toes and return to floor. Repeat for as you feel comfortable, and then rest.

9 Wall press ups.

Stand with feet a full arm’s length distance from the wall. Place hands on wall and bend at elbow until nose almost touches the wall at shoulder height, push arms almost straight again. Repeat for as long as you feel comfortable, and then rest.

10 Tai Chi Waterfall.

Stand in a comfortable position with your arms and shoulders relaxed. Slowly raise your arms to shoulder height then let them slowly come to rest by your side. Repeat for as long as you feel comfortable, and then rest.

All of the above is typical of a PR class.

For those who wish to try remember , exercise not endurance, enjoy


Twice a week please. After each session treat yourself to tea and biscuits , ( no not instead of)

I have added the Borg scale c/r 1-10 of breathless .

When excercising do not go above 4/5 at this level you should still be able to put a sentence together.

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Wow Am Out Of Breath Just Reading It ... And Av Not Even Got Out Of The Chair :O

What a great post,no excuses for anyone,not knowing what to do!! Txs for that Stone,

All the best,

Wendells xx

Thank you stone, I must get printer sorted to get a hard copy. Alison :-) :-)

Great to have list available. Thanks.

This is fairly typical of PR and will help lots of people prepare for it. Good post. x

Please don't forget that Pulmonary Rehabilitation classes are tailored to suit individual needs under supervision. Make sure you check what exercises are suitable for yourselves particularly if you have other conditions.


Your daily tonic

Excellent post :-)

Very useful, I am printing that off. I am starting PR next week, but will keep that handy.

please remember to do some warm up exercises b4 and do some cool down after doing them. As one would do at pulmonary exercise class

Thanks for digging that up Jocye very useful to us all xx

I need sitting exercises for a while till my back untraps a nerve, though I will get some done when it subsides


Tin of beans on each hand start with them by your side and bring up to you shoulder 10 on 1 arm then 10 with the other or another is to sit doing breast stroke as if your swimming 20 times hope this helps jjude x

great thanks xx

how have you been getting on with the exercises

Hi joyce, think Ive built back up to how I was before the back went. feeling energetic and can walk with no crutches. Always a plus, I trip over them more times than enough


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