Do you know if this is normal?

On Saturday my husband crashed our car and wrote it off, with me as a passenger. We weren't seriously hurt, his pride mainly, but I have severe seat belt bruising across my shoulder, chest and on down to my abdomen. I also have a badly grazed elbow and bruises coming out in all sorts of places. I think I must have been knocked out for a few seconds as my head is also tender. I was virtually ignored by the paramedics who attended to the other driver and no one seems very interested in how I feel - is it usual to feel very low and weepy after such an occurrence? I would love to hear from others who have been in the same situation.

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  • Hi

    Delayed shock is just as bad as the initial injury.

    As you may have passed out seek medical assistance, you may be suffering from concussion. Which can have long term effects.

    A trip to a A and E or GP would not go amiss.

  • To be weepy is often because we realise what could have been and is a form of delayed shock as Stone says. I agree with the advice of seeing your GP or A&E is good advice

  • Have a chat with the BLF Nurses they will advise you what to do. 03000 030 555 Now please


  • Oh my goodness that sounds so traumatic. I have no experience but I can imagine that you would feel very weepy. I would advise you to go the Doctors - you may need xrays? Hope you start to feel better soon. Thank god you were alright. TAD xx

  • I feel being involved in a car accident is shocking both mentally and physically. I often think how I would feel as I go along the motorway. Think Stone is right, get checked out. All the best from Annieseed x

  • Thanks to everyone for their concern and helpful advice.

  • Oh good lord, please get checked out as soon as possible, I,m not at all surprised you feel weepy, I,d be sobbing my heart out,

    I hope you follow the advice given by the others & seek medical advice, for your own peace of mind at the very least

    Take care of yourself

    The Witch

  • I endorse all that's been said Lizzy, I would expect you to be very weepy, when you set out you had no idea this was going to happen, you'll probably feel angry as well, please get yourself checked out and then be very kind to yourself and allow others tobe kind also, look after yourself x x x x

  • Thanks medow, everyone seems to be telling me the same thing so looks like I'll have to do something. Regards xx

  • the answer is YES you would feel weepy & upset. Perfectly normal response. Take it easy and be good to your self now and take it very easy, husband too. It was a shock and a terrible fright and those emotions need to come out or you end up further down the line feeling much worse.

    People have post traumatic stress after a life threatening event.

    PTSD, google it. You probably have it mildly xx take care now

  • Thank you peeg. I visited the doctor this afternoon after being urged to by other members of this chatline and she looked at all my bruises and said I had no broken bones or any serious damage and to 'just take it easy', so I'll try. Thanks again. S.

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