Painful Spasms in my side

Having been diagnosed with moderate COPD last year. I get breathless but it is manageable.

My main problem is acute spasm pain on both sides at the bottom of my ribs and back which seems to come on with activity.

Which ever way I move I cannot relieve the pain. It is getting worse by the day.

I can no longer get around the supermarket without a spasm attack and I am afraid I will collapse before I can get out.

I need to know if this one of the symptoms of COPD.

You guys seem to be the people to ask as I have lost all confidence in my doctors surgery.

Forgive me if I sound like a moaner.

Many thanks for any advice.

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  • I used to get spasms when I was gardening, if I turned quickly, found if I laid down flat it went but as soon as I started working again they would come back. I don't garden anymore so it isn't really an issue for me sorry I can't be more helpful.

    Lib x

  • This has happened to me recently so I am glad you asked this question and hope someone can answer it.

  • I get this too and it is so painful that at one point both the GP and I thought i had heart trouble but it is just muscle spasms from coughing etc and straining the muscles - only thing that helps me is to lie down until it goes and be careful what I do

  • hi alan in answer to u im moderate copd.ive been eating blueberries as my new gp said there good for muscleskeltar ,ive been ok on them stilldont like them but its worked.take care

  • Hi alan123 and antan, you are not alone with your spasms many of us seem to get them but as yet no hard and fast way to cure them never heard of blueberries helping before but anything is worth a try.Thanks for that one caroll.I find my tramadol painkillers relax the muscles but I bet if we delved there would be some herbal alternative, sorry I can't be more specific

  • morning Katie,yes blueberries have helped me,i cant take ibrufen as I have itus hernia,an ex gp once put me on tramadol for gall stone pains,i walked in 2 the wall never again tramadol,still don't like blueberries but never mind ,im on advocados now ugh,as well there high in glutathione,not havin the tablet form but advocados ,u rap 1 in paper for 2days then the skin wich as gone brown comes of then eat advocado its a bit slimey but never mind ,wats good for the lungs or anything elz never tastes nice but ive been ok,there 2 for a pound in market blueberries are 1,49, but there both good for us,take care ,

  • me again Katie my new gp is clinical director hear in Oldham for muscleskelar

  • Hi alan why don't you ring up the BLF helpline. There is a nurse there who can help with your queries.

    bev x

  • I get these spasms, had them investigated and proved to be muscle spasms. Doc gave me ibrufen cream to rub on which releaves the ache I get after one. I find bending double and doing pursed lip breathing eases the pain.

  • Thank you all for taking time to help and advise me.

    It looks like my Spasms must part of the illness and par for the course.

  • Yes blueberries are a super food.

  • And walnuts are good for the heart

  • hi offcut I eat brazil and almonds but I will get walnuts thanks ,take care

  • Hi everyone just got back to the blog, can't try the advocado's Caroll too high in fat, bit like bananas having too much sugar for diabetics..Tramadol is an opiate so can cause strange side effects for some especially with long term use. I sometimes get memory lapses but not sure whether it's the tablets or senior moments (smiles).Getting back to the subject of spasms they could be caused by anything not just a muscleskelar illness.But you should be well looked after Caroll with the new Gp. Hope everyone else's spasms are being investigated for definite cause. Bye for now

  • hi Katie yes new gp as been ok up 2 now,not like last 1 who I trusted and ignored my results wat said I had copd,he as done it to a few others but is still there the mind bogolls with why,he give a friend tablets give her 2 heart attacks/will not walk again as a scooter at 57yrs,all it needed was an xray she as moved to my gp now,as copd to,her mums moved to,plus few others,an tramadol can effect your head hence I walked in2 a wall thought it was the door/only took 3 but never again,plus I wasn't able get out for a week my co.ordanaces wasn't rite,i was goung for the door got the wall/my son went mad with ex gp/2 of my daughters were livid with him,but all u get is a sorry,take care

  • sorry for delayed reply, I go out with friends once a week. The reply makes me understand your position Now I can sympathize with you been that way myself more than once in the past and even when you show the doctor made a mistake the general answer is similar to what you say. I could tell you some hair raising stories but it won't change the facts. Sorry to hear about your friend the side effects of some treatments are not fully understood even by doctors, once the damage is done there's no going back and it's hard to accept doctors can unintentionally harm a patient isn't it?

  • hi Katie hope u have had a nice day out we deserve it /says Cheryl cole im laughing.u are rite ther are thousands been let down by sloppy gps,there attitude stinks/but we are left to get on with it regardless.wen I go to my new gps ive seen ex 1 an he walks the other way with his head down.hes bout 60 now,it s annoying wen there stillin practise but its on there head wat they have done in the pastan more than likely will do again/but wont be with me.1 of my friends said god its a wonder hes got any patients left.take care

  • always try to enjoy my days out, I go for lunch with friends, but sometimes we go further away. This week we just went to the local pub making the most of my time out as one day Copd will rule and I will be housebound or dependent on others to drive me.Keep it in mind that the GP can't do that again and you won't let them anyway in order to move forward and get your problems sorted and managed. Good Luck

  • hi Katie.yes ur rite and all the best to u.hope u have many more days out to come

  • Blue berries are quite easy to grow in a pot on the patio, in the greenhouse or even on a balcony and you get the fun of picking your own.

  • Sorry to hear about your pain, I have COPD and not the mild kind either and I don't have the pain you describe but I would strongly recommend you see either your g.p. or your respirologist. Good luck.

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