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cancer death in the sun paper 2day

read in the sun today a wife 2yr ago was told to suck ice cubes for a sore throat,by her yes gp.after many dcs 5 in all and 2 nurses /she insisted after 2yr of it ,insisted on an xray ,showed advanced cancer she as since died,at 64,her hubby as axcepted an undisclosed sum and yes without even an admission of guilt of the gp concerned.thats about rite that,well his wife will perk up with that,wont she not,bloudy gps ave blood on there hands wonder if it was my ex clown who said my exray was fine wen it was not,

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Is shocking really and yep GP never admit wrong doing

Ad be surprised if half GP's was qualified ... What gets me is how fake doctors nurses GPs are given same protection from prosecution as real HCF how are salt of the earth

But as we can see just like everything use fake ones to rob real doctors nurses


ano there a load of not fit to practise an wen its gone rong pass the buck all to often,who is hcf,they should be named and struk of but we are not allowed to name are we,i did with my ex gp I told everybody that's how I found out he had messed up be 4,but he still there sat in his room blody creep.take care an remember karma as I do




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