In response to Sandra's version of Little Red Riding Hood. Another version

Little Red Riding Hood went to visit grandma. She took her basket in and found her grandmother huddled up in bed. She said hi grandma here are the apples and pears you wanted. Why are you in bed on this bright summers day? 'I'm not feeling well' said grandma. 'Oh you poor thing it must be why your eyes are so big said LRRH'.

"'And why are is your nose so big? 'Has it grown in the night'? grandma pulled the covers off her and stared at her 'Oh' said LRRH 'Why is your mouth so big'? The wolf opened its jaws wider and wider and reached for the girl to eat her all up.

In rushes Tom, the woodcutters son. 'I will rescue you' he cried!

'No need' said LRRH - reached under her cloak,pulled out a gun and shot the wolf dead.

A few weeks later Tom sees LRRH again - she is dancing and spinning with delight. 'Do you like my new cloak'? she asked. Tom said 'Yes its very nice'. 'Oh thank you' said LRRH.

'I made it out of wolfskin. I took the pelt off that old wolf and it makes a lovely cloak!'

Thats is a proper pc version. ...

Bev xx

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  • LOL, Bev :) You're tale rocks, and you'll certainly get the backing from the gun lobby, not too sure about animal rights though... :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Ha ha true. But the point of this different version is also pc. The version that says women are not helpless creatures and can look after themselves. Criticisers of pc slag it off when it concerns women too! Its a culteral thing. I presume we all agree with pc when it means fighting for equal wages for us (still not always happening) and equal opportunity (again often not happening). And when people talk of 'woman's rights' this is too often labelled 'pc' as well and the concept of it is exaggerated and ridiculed by those who want to keep the status quo. Because it suits them?

    You can tell I studied Social Sciences at Uni can't you? And off my soapbox now :)

    Bev xx

  • Spot on, Bev. x

  • Lol Toci :)

    Bev x

  • Preaching to the converted, Bev, I read a book, years ago, in the early 80's, which got my mind thinking outside the box, and instead of full on confrontation with bosses over parity, I engineered myself into such a position that I knew where the bodies were, so to speak ... I got my parity with salary, bonuses and perks of my male peers :)

    That book was Schindler's Ark by Thomas Keneally.

  • Wow well done Sandra but we are not all as smart as you! I'm definitely not.. :)

    I did read 'The Woman's Room' back in the 80's though and it certainly made me think.

    Bev xx

  • em, not so much smart, as cunning LOL :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Oh it was by Marilyn French.

  • I'll bet this LRRH wears underwear made out of leather straps and brass rivets. Tom needs to be careful.


  • That'll only be in your imagination johnwr, as I think brass rivets and leather would chafe in this hot weather LOL :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Very funny Bev,an image of little red riding hood pulling back her cloak and producing a weapon .. Be afraid Tom Lol xxx

  • Well done, I prefer this version. xx

  • I like both versions. Sandra's is a lot cleverer then mine. But thank you exblonde. :)

    Bev x

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