great service from my surgery

last week had exacerbation of COPD unusual as it usually flares up in winter so started as advised by

last week had exacerbation of COPD unusual normally flares up nr xmas so commenced Prednisolone which always have on standby as advised to do so by practice nurse went shopping came back and was very puffy even after using ventolin so rang surgery at 1610 for advice asked to go there to see practice nurse 1645 and was given very thorough check over lasting approx. 30 mins all was ok stats 97 but advised to start antibiottics thought my prob due to heat and pollution was very impressed iam so lucky to have this support when I need it perhaps if all gp surgeries gave this degree of help our AE depts. might not be so busy

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  • That is good service goldcrest, if I rang the doctor they'd tell me to come in two weeks time! Fortunately, I have the district nurse service and they'll come if I have any problems. Hope you feel better very soon. Sadie

  • thank you I am much better now the steroids and amoxicillin have worked and been given a supply to keep for the next time I flare up

  • Impressive service Goldcrest. Wouldn't it be nice if all of the NHS was like that


  • yes it would this is a rural practice and all the team work together , admittedly I have to book ahead if I want a routine apt with a specific Dr but have always found if it is an ""emergency you will always be seen by someone shame other practices cant be the same would save a lot of hassle and stress from AE depts.

  • You are very lucky to have such great service. Hope you start to improve very soon. Tad x x

  • thankyou yes I am much better now think I have learned my lesson not to go out walking and shopping in high temperatures as tempting as t may seem luckily we have a realy big garden with trees and a river at the bottom where I can relax in

  • That's great goldcrest so glad you were able to get checked quickly and all was ok.

    The heat we've had recently has exacerbated symptoms for a lot of people.

    All good wishes BC

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